Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 2: All about the Bike (GIVEAWAY)

Welcome to Week 2 of my first official month of triathlon season training and your SECOND opportunity to win some awesome stuff to support YOUR training!

But first, I'm famous!  Check out page 24 of the latest Triathlete magazine for a photo of yours truly, along with two of my favorite teammates Holly and Zody!

Since we started with swimming and this giveaway is in honor of triathlon training, might as well move right along to biking.  

New(ish) SWEET ride

Biking has always been the discipline I feel least confident about and also the discipline that is always the longest within any given triathlon.  I gained a lot of confidence last year but I also stuck with flat long rides and flat race courses—I still am not at all confident on hills (up or down).  I am also a fair weather rider, which means, regular biking outside in Oregon won’t happen for a couple more months. Call me a wuss but after my crash of 2010 I am still scared of riding in the rain.

Anywho, this is a giveaway post already, right?!?!  My biking essentials have shifted somewhat over time however, there are still a few key items: a helmet!, a good pair of bike shorts (I love my pearl izumi shorts and capris), gloves (for long rides, I’ve started ditching them in races), bike jersey/top with pockets, bike shoes, my butterfly saddle (OMG it is amazing, has made my rides so much more pleasant), Kleenex (my nose always runs when I ride!), Chamois butter, water bottles and nutrition.  This last item has shifted.  I used to eat a ton on the bike, now I eat a lot less and have even tried experimenting with real foods (like nuts).  And, as a Rev3 athlete, I enjoy sponsorship from Powerbar and still love me some gel blasts, the raspberry and coke flavored ones are amazing!

For your next time in the saddle, whether it’s spin class, out on the roads or on a bike trainer here are a few of my favorite biking essentials that you can win.

Rev3 Waterbottle, Kleenex (not this box a fun mini pack that can fit in a bento box), Powerbar Chews and Mixed Nuts bars and chamois butter

How do you get entered to WIN!
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your first biking memory.
(Mine was riding down the street on my very PINK schwinn complete with a white basket in front with pink and purple flowers.)

For extra entries (up to 10!) here are other things you can do:
1. +1 entry: Tell me about a biking event you’ve completed.  A century or a triathlon or just an awesome long ride!
2. +1 entry: My bike sponsor is QuintanaRoo, show them some love and “follow” them on twitter (@quintanarootri).
3. +1 entry: Tweet this giveaway (be sure to include me in your tweet, @dunlapa)
4. +6 entries: Register for a Rev3 Triathlon near you! (For a list of all the races Rev3 has nationwide, go here:

Giveaway ends, March 17th midnight PST

Next giveaway opportunity coming at ya next week!  Until then, happy training!