Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Start of Tri Training 2013 & Giveaway!

Welcome to the first month of official triathlon training!  I have had so many post topics come into my head in the last few weeks and sadly just no time to get everything down on “paper.”  Sometimes I wish my iPhone could type what I have running through my head…though, on second thought, maybe I take that back-HA!

Anyway, I am going to try to get some of the ideas down on “paper” for real…I know that is sometimes a theme of this blog.  Blah, blah, blah…

In honor of my first month of official triathlon season training, I am bringing to you four weeks of triathlon favorites and ways to score some of them yourself! (aka GIVEAWAYs)   

Since my very first workout of official training was a swim workout, I present to you some of my swimming essentials: SBR Products, also known as TriSwim, TriSlide and Foogle; Garmin 910xt; BlueSeventy goggles; workouts in a binder trainingguide; and a basic but an essential, a cap!

As a sponsored Rev3 athlete I’m lucky enough to receive some amazing products from the team sponsors, including the full line of SBRproducts.

TriSwim Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash and Lotion help keep my hair and skin moisturized and free from that lovely pool smell.  As a girl who likes to color my hair, the shampoo and conditioner are particularly important.  In fact, my stylist has asked what I use after swimming because she’s impressed that my hair stays so healthy with all my swimming.  TriSwim products are a must for swimmers.

Foggle is perhaps my favorite of the SBR line.  Get annoyed by fogging goggles?  Tired of spitting in your goggles? (you swimmers know you do this so don’t even deny it) Foogle helps keep fog out of your goggles and I swear it makes the goggles themselves last longer.  Foggle comes in single packet wipes which don’t technically reseal but I usually put the wipe back in the packet and use 2-3 times before I throw it out.  Amy can attest to this, right?

TriSlide, definitely a crowd pleaser as it’s not just for swimmers.  Trislide does help get swimmers in/out of their wetsuits however, it’s also great for those, ahem, hard to reach areas prone to chaffing.  Since it’s a spray you can share it with your friends and not be grossed out by wondering where they had used their anti-chafe stick.  It’s in a small enough bottle to pass airport security and easily fits into any gym bag. 

These products along with my Garmin 910xt, an expensive but awesome toy for multisport athletes, my cap, goggles and swim workout book are essentials for my swim workouts.  Now that I’m officially training, I know my swim workouts will get longer and longer too but I’m ready.  I’m actually really really excited for my triathlon training season to start! 

So, in honor of my first month of training and my first workout of the training cycle…I present to you a chance to win your own full line of SBR products (shimmer suit not included, hehe):

How do you get entered to WIN!

+1 Entry: Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite workout.

For extra entries (up to 10!) here are other things you can do:
+1 entry: Become a “fan” of SBR Sports Inc on FB (and tell me you did) 
+1 entry: “Like” Rev3 on FB (+1 entry: for posting something on their wall)
+1 entry: Tweet this giveaway (be sure to include me in your tweet, @dunlapa)
+6 entries: Register for a Rev3 Triathlon! (For a list of all the races Rev3 has nationwide, go here: http://rev3tri.com/events/.  Coming up first in their series and also next years age group championship race is Rev3 Knoxville!)

Giveaway ends, March 10th midnight PST

Next giveaway opportunity coming at ya next week!  Until then, happy training!