Monday, March 11, 2013

How you know...'re training for an endurance event?

-You car looks like a gym locker room

-You can't keep up with laundry, I swear I did 4 FULL loads on Saturday and there are probably at least two more that could be done. (Both Mr. Pi and I are training right now and it's still "winter" wear gear around here so I expect a lot of laundry but 4 loads, whew!)

-You go to the grocery store and your hubby says, "wow, we go through a lot of food." Yup, we do.  I think I go through at least 4-5 bags/heads of lettuce a week and that's just the base of my salads.  We also eat a ton of avocados, eggs, bell peppers, mixed nuts and I could go on and on.  I don't eat out much so while our grocery bills can be in the triple digits, I figure I'm actually saving money by cooking my own meals.
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-You think 6:30 am on a Saturday is sleeping in.

-You randomly fall asleep on the couch on a Sunday afternoon without actually meaning to take a "nap."

-You get into your Normatec's whenever you can.

I could go on and on...endurance athletes I know you understand.  Week 1 of my official tri season training is in the books and I feel pretty awesome!

Stats for week 1:

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