Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Training Update 2013

This is partially a training blog isn't it?!?!  I haven’t been blogging much about actual training but do know that I have actually been doing some training.  Specifically, my main focus since January 1 has been on rehabbing my wonky tendon/ankle.  This has included a SUPER SLOW build back to actual running.  After 8 weeks completely off from running, I started in January with 10 minutes, yes, 10 whole minutes!  It was maddening and, at the same time, liberating to start things off slow.  I have also been doing 90% of my workouts on the treadmill.  I think the combination of soft surface running and slowly increasing time on my feet has really helped me return from injury.  My running went from 10 minutes in January to now 60 minutes here at the end of February and I have stayed UNINJURED. 

I also attribute my dedication to yoga these past few months to aiding my success.  I haven’t been shy about my love for CorePower yoga and I have continued to see great results.  Down dog does wonders for tight calfs!  I have been going to 3-5 classes per week, depending on the week and love every second.

What about biking and swimming, you ask?  Well, I’ve been doing those sports too.  I started in January adding another day to my biking routine (I had been doing one ride or spin class).  Just last week, 6 weeks into the year, I added a third day to the schedule and have been trying to manage that addition.  Coach Laura provided a few trainer workouts and I’ve been taking advantage of those to change up my routine of just “riding” the trainer.  So far, so good.

Swimming…y’all know I love to swim so you’d think I’d be going hog wild on swimming.  Ha!  I definitely haven’t.  In fact, I’ve been cutting myself a lot of slack in the swimming department.  I’ve been averaging once a week sometimes more.  I know my swim fitness comes back quickly so I haven’t been stressing about it.

Anyway, in a nutshell that’s training.  I’ve been slowly building and trying to establish a routine before I start official IM training on March 1.