Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Desperately Seeking New TUNES

Coming back from injuries sucks. Most of us have been there and we all know it sucks.  There is always that desire to push it, go a little farther or faster than you know should.  I’m in week 2 of my return to running.  Coach Laura has been on a strict treadmill-only regimen.  I started last week with 10 minutes of running, yup, 10-WHOLE-MINUTES and just finished 30 minutes this morning.  Still a far cry from where I left off at Thanksgiving but a step (literally) in the right direction.  The best news is, I have not had any PAIN from my runs.  I have been diligent about keeping the pace slow, for those that know me you know that I’m already slow so going slower is hard.  I haven’t run anything under a 12 minute pace and I’m okay with that (for now).  I’m happily running short distances at slow paces with NO PAIN! 

However, one thing I’m not OKAY with is my tunes selection.  I am in desperate need of some new tunes!  Please help!  Leave some of your go-to’s in the comments please.  Also, just so you know, the pop-ier and/or hardcore rap-ier the better.  Please don’t tell me to listen to some slow, whiney, emu-y music…I need fast, upbeat and preferably with terrible lyrics. That’s how I roll.