Friday, January 4, 2013

2012, Later gator...

Well, I guess I am going to get around to my end of the year post after all.

I'll start with the pictures b/c pictures are better than a bunch of words.

January: Basement!

 February: Sproutlings

 March: Amy's Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

April: Run Across America (or from Arizona to Texas in my case)

May: Spectating Mr. Pi's 100k Race (Miwok 100k)

 June: Jen's Baby Shower!

July: Rev3 Portland, Portland Bridge Swim, HUGE Oly Tri PR and Turning 30!

August: Hood to Coast

September: Buying a new bike!

October: Rev3 SC (half relay)

November: Thanksgiving! and Wine Tasting for S's Birthday a great girls day
(also, when my addiction to PicFrame started...pic frame is the best!)

December: Christmas and trip to Bend to celebrate New Years

And, now, here are the 12 goals I set for 2012.  (hot damn 12 goals is a lot.  I'm happy to report 2013 is a ONE goal type of year.)

Overall, a year with many positive elements but also sadness in the loss of a family member in my own family and family members of dear friends.  I'm ready to turn over a new page on the calendar and have a totally positive 2013!

1. Believe in myself. –Definitely gained confidence this year and really hit my stride and found “racing” in July.

2. Finish the basement project!  --We finished this in January!  This was a major success.  It turned out beautifully, we added value and space to our house.

3. Be an amazing party planner.  –I planned two very different and very successful baby showers for me amazing friends Amy and Jen.

4. Finish my second 70.3! –The race I had planned was canceled so this didn’t happen.

5. Make one new PR this year. –Yup, definitely happened!  I PR’d at the Amica Oly Tri and I hit a PR distance for swimming with the Portland Bridge Swim.

6.  Have an amazing experience being part of Team Rev3! Including RUNNING (PARTWAY) ACROSS the COUNTRY! –Absolutely!  I attribute part of my confidence building from being on this team and becoming friends with some amazing athletes—I am so lucky to be part of this group.

7. Go to Europe.  –This didn’t happen but we will get there someday.

8.  Go to a C3 class at CorePower. –This didn’t happen either but I have moved to the front and/or center of the room in C2 classes.  I love the way yoga makes me feel and I love C2, at this point, this class is challenging enough for me.

9. Cross one thing off my life list. –I crossed a few things off.  I stayed up all night, running no less-TWICE! (Run Across America and Hood-to-Coast), I swam MORE than a 5k at the Portland Bridge Swim and I crossed off two states from my 50 state visitor log (New Mexico and Texas).

10.  Swim a 5k. –I overachieved this one, I swam nearly 4 miles during the Portland Bridge Swim.

11. Be less anxious. –Work in progress but getting better.

12.  Push myself out of my comfort zone. –Again, work in progress.