Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Always Something

I last left you in the blissful state of upping my mileage and get my sweat on in a variety of venues.  Here we are just a mere two-ish weeks later and I’m on a running hiatus.  This is the thing with me and running…it’s certainly not my favorite form of sweat but once I get into a good groove and am enjoying running, something inevitably goes awry.  This time it’s a new one.  It’s not my IT band or my dreaded Morton’s Neuroma but something in the Achilles/tibial area.  This is a new one folks.  I’ve never had problems with my Achilles/ankles/anterior tibialis tendon.  When in doubt, google it, right?  Time for our anatomy lesson of the day…

Online advice ranges from taking a few days to several months off from running, ice/don’t ice, stretch/don’t stretch…it seems like for every advice out there another exists that’s the opposite.  My plan of attack is to take a complete week off from running (I only ran once last week), roll the heck out of my calf (a lot of sources said problems can occur if your calves are tight), swim, yoga, bike and do some of the calf strengthening exercises.

In the mean time, you’ll see less photos like this:

And more like this:

Have you had achilles/tibial tendon/ankle issues?  
What was your plan of attack?