Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's FALL...it's almost...

time for my favorite holiday…THANKSGIVING!

I love thanksgiving.  It has similar elements to Christmas but without the stresses of gift buying.  Awhile back when I lived in Boston Mr. Pi and I had dinner with some of our friends and we were each asked which Thanksgiving food item was our favorite.  Can you believe that I was the ONLY person at the table that said TURKEY?!?!  As much as I love pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes, oh and the cranberry sauce from a can, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey!  I am so looking forward to Thursday’s dinner.  We have family coming up and I’m looking forward to setting out our wedding china and eating a yummy meal on Thursday.

I last left with a post about getting my house in order in the “off” season.  I’ve been doing just that.  I’ve been better about eating though, admittedly, I haven’t really been using dailyplate much.  I’ve been running about 20-25 miles a week and have been really enjoying running.  I don’t always WANT to go so on those days I tell myself just go do 3 miles, it’s a half an hourish…this usually inspires me to do at least 3 miles sometimes more.  I’ve been getting to mat for CorePower sessions 1-2 times a week and I’ve even done some strength training.  I haven’t been swimming or spinning much but that’s okay with me (for now).
It’s been awhile since I posted any pictures and I have some great ones to share…here are a few from my fall weekend adventures:

Perfect fall days--there weren't a ton of these but they did exist.  The air was crisp, the sun was shining and the leaves were turning amazing shades of red and orange.

Then the rains came in...however, that didn't/doesn't stop me from powering through runs especially knowing that my reward can be a delightful treat from a red cup!

I've been hitting the trails with Amy on Sunday's.  While trail running will probably never be "my thing" I have  truly been enjoying our runs in Forest Park!

Birthday wine tasting for S kicked off the first Saturday in November---amazing day with amazing girls!

And lastly, who doesn't love a little beautification.  With all the posts of spandex here is one where I actually look normal, well, one of the two I look normal.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your time with those you care about!