Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting the house in order

I haven’t been blogging much but it’s not because I don’t want to just a lack of motivation to sit in front of a computer when I get home.

As the title of this post suggests, it is that time of year to get the house in order.  By that I mean, plan out some new goals and get on a path to achieving them. 

I’ve been pretty loosey goosey with my training “schedule” and by that I mean I don’t have one.  While I don’t plan to be on a plan (ha) anytime soon, I do think setting some weekly goals is something I should get back in the habit of doing. 

Something else that’s been loosey goosey lately is my eating habits.  After my southern food fest,also known as Rev3 SC, I’ve been feeling like I need to make a change in the eating department.  Much to Mr. Pi’s chagrin for me this means going back to a Paleo-centered diet.  No more “cheat days” every day.  To hold myself accountable, I’ll be also going back to TheDailyPlate, at least for a little while.

It’s the start of a new month so I think this is the time to reboot.

Far too many of us A-type’s who love goals and lists and spreadsheets to track said goals and lists set too many goals for ourselves.  I am definitely a victim of this!  Setting realistic, achievable (but still challenging), LIMITED goals is my aim (I was tempted to write goal there!).

So, with that said, for the month of November here is what I plan to do to get my house in order:

1. Since tri season is over I’ll be focusing on running for a little bit, building my base back up.  Each week I will set a weekly mileage target (notice I did not say goal), target is going to be a range.  Then, I’m leaving myself the flexibility to run on the days I feel like it and not on the days I don’t.  I want to enjoy running with friends, running outside and on the treadmill (yup, I actually do like the treadmill-sometimes—mostly for faster runs b/c it keeps me in check).

2. Continue getting to my yoga mat.  I truly love the way I feel after every.single.class at CorePower.  I plan to get to my mat as often as I can and enjoy the time in each class.

3. Focus on eating.  Sometimes I forget to eat a meal and then I’m starving, sometimes I grab whatever is convenient, sometimes I eat past the point of being full…all of these things indicate I need to focus on eating.  I plan to go back to my more paleo-style diet which does require some planning and always having healthy snacks in my purse/gym bag but I’m cool with that!

I could go on and on here like I normally would about biking, swimming, strength training, etc but I’m not going to.  These are the three areas in my “training” life I plan to focus on this month—if other things make the cut, great, if not no biggy.

Now that I’ve talk about getting my "training" house in order, I also want to talk briefly about the rest of my life.  By nature I am a homebody, am selfish and I like to schedule events, I am not spontaneous.  I am working on being a less selfish wife, puppy mom and friend.  I am lucky to have so many wonderful people (and animals) in my life.  Mr. Pi and I have been scheduling “date nights” which I love.  Mr. Pi would probably prefer date nights to be more spontaneous but scheduling them is a good step to us not overly busying our lives.  I've been making it a priority to spend time with those I care about.

Here's to a new month!