Monday, October 15, 2012

Race Report: Rev3 Anderson SC Half Relay

Friday I left for Atlanta to race Rev3 Anderson South Carolina!  

Colleen (aka the saint and fellow teammate) picked me up from the Atlanta airport on Friday afternoon and hosted me for the weekend.  We had TONS-O-FUN!  There were lots of OMGs and LOLs, except, instead of via internet it was in person! 

Friday night was pretty low key as I was tired from traveling, in fact, I think I went to bed at 6pm west coast time but who is keeping track!

Saturday morning we had a leisurely morning at her home.  Walked her adorable pups and headed north to SC.  Along the way I marveled at the CHEAP gas and the fact that their gas stations (aka the QT) have a to-die-for coffee bar...oh and they may have had pumpkin spice donuts which yes, I did eat! Member, I'm all about the PUMPKIN!  No photo though, they were gone way too fast.

Before we knew it we were at the expo...time to meet teammates!  And, there were a lot of new introductions for me this weekend.  I met: Jill, Chloe, Maggie, Andy, Robin, Tim, Tonya (and her little one Abby)...and I got to see again: Alex, Holly and Josh and of course, the awesome staff at Rev3!  Everyone is seriously so great!  I've mentioned on twitter the announcement for team applications for next year but here is link if you missed it on twitter and have until Nov 1.

Here is a pic of Colleen, Alex, Chloe and I!

I know others got more photos...hopefully they will all post them!

After the expo, I wanted to check out the swim start since that would be the leg I was doing. Oh, did I forget to mentioned that I was doing a RELAY! Relay's are seriously so much fun, I highly recommend it.  Since most people don't like the swim it works out for me to find relay partners pretty easily.

I donned my awesome BlueSeventy wetsuit, foggled my goggles (sponsor shout out!) and braved the water.  Coming from Oregon I didn't think the temperature was too bad but then again, I like my water temp cold and my air temperature warm.  I swam out to the first red buoy and back.  When I got out and checked my fancy Garmin, I knew the course was going to be long, since just to buoy 1 and back was about 1000 yards and the swim course went all the way around the peninsula.  Oh well, my team wasn't expecting any records or anything =).  I was actually excited (and nervous) to only be doing the swim.

Colleen and Robin rode their bikes around the block and then checked their bikes in to T1!

After they checked their bikes, Colleen and I were hungry so we headed out to find FOOD. I told her I wanted something "southern" so we ended up here...

 Yes, I know, really healthy!  On top of those pumpkin spice donuts I was beginning to think southern folk really know how to eat.  Anyway, yes, they have chick-fil-a on the west coast, just ask Danica!, but they don't have them in Portland and I'd never eaten at one so chick-fil-a it was and dang that chicken covered in buffalo sauce was good.

Post lunch it was time to check into the hotel-motel holiday inn (thanks chloe!) except it wasn't the holiday inn--HA!  We finally got to relax for a little bit and get our stuff set out for the night before while watching the ridiculous animal show TOO CUTE, which is seriously, TOO CUTE!

Team dinner came not too long after our relaxation stint.  Dinner was tasty, wish I had been hungrier for it.  Oh well!  I don't think we got any pictures at

Rest of the night was more relaxing and before we knew it, it was time to wake up for the RACE!

Race morning was dark!

One of my favorite things about Rev3 races, personalized bike race stickers.  Team--Patten Pending was all ready to rock n roll!

The Swim:
As per usual the first few hundred yards are always a total cluster.  Once I hit some open water I felt pretty good.  Since my swim training has been a bit laughable I knew I wasn't going to be super speedy or anything but I thought with the long course I'd be right around 40 minutes.  My head popped outta the water and up to land in 40:31 per Garmin...officially it's a 41 something.  Per Garmin 1:47/100 not too shabby.

I'm still working on how to get pictures from Garmin Connect.

The weird part of the whole day was the timing chip hand off.  I was literally still fully in my wetsuit, I bent down took the chip off my leg and put it on Colleen's and then, my race was over.  It was so weird to just stand there in transition and know that my day was over in 40 minutes.  Also, totally awesome since it was a chilly morning and the thought of biking wet sounded terrible.

At that point, I changed clothes and waited around to spectate the Olympic distance athletes.  I caught Maggie, barely, and didn't get her photo, Holly, who was waiting as she was also in a relay doing the bike portion...

And then, Chloe!

I missed everyone else!

At that point, I hopped on a shuttle to T2 to wait for Colleen and find other spectators.  I met Tonya waiting for her speedy pro hubby Rich Allen.  And Alex, our relay runner who was waiting for Colleen to finish the bike.  Not much time went by and Colleen came around the corner to the finish...

And she gracefully handed off to Alex...graceful, isn't it?!?!

At that point, we packed her bike in the car and went in search of the post-race food...holy smokes it was a southern feast...most of this was eaten, not all of it though, there was just too much!

Almost right on target Alex came toward the finish...the three of us tried to run the finish line together though Alex was on race adrenaline and Colleen and I both dragged behind.  Our finish line photo should be pretty funny.

And with that...our race was over.  Exhausted from a weekend full of traveling and fun times with teammates, I made the trek back to the west coast and am saddling up for the week ahead.

Colleen said the bike was lots of rollers but honestly, this race is on my list as a maybe half distance non-relay for next year. I had a lot of fun traveling to the south and would love to go back!