Friday, August 10, 2012

What's Next?!?!

My last post I recapped my goals and talked about how I’ve been reflecting.  It’s time to share what I’ve decided is NEXT!  A friend recently told me she reads my blog when she feels she needs inspiration, well, L, hope this brings some to you.

1. The most exciting, new and challenging item on the menu…ROWING!  This is something I’ve always wanted to try.  In college, I almost tried out for the crew team when I quit water polo but decided that I was over getting up before dawn.  So, here we are several years post college, giving it a go!  The lessons start in September and are twice a week for 5 weeks.  I’m pretty excited.  This is something completely new and different and will go toward my goal of being “out of my comfort zone.”

2. Back to Yoga!  It is official, I’m back on the yoga train.  Yoga is something I missed during my high volume tri training and now that my schedule is less high volume I’m pretty excited to get my CorePower on! (Emily, if you're reading, I still want my private crow-pose and handstand lessons.)

3. Running basics.  After my awesome race at the Amica Olympic Tri, I realized that I need to stop saying that cycling is my weak sport.  My bike averages have made HUGE improvements this year but my running has slowed.  So, I’m back to basics with running and plan to work on running (both endurance and speed) throughout the “off-season.”  I plan to complete two half marathons this fall, both in November.  One with my sis-in-law, where she WILL set a new PR and the second, down in Eugene at a race I’ve done before and enjoyed.  I’m not ready to say if I’ll try for a PR or not. 

4. Cycling maintenance.  After making big improvements in cycling this season, I want to continue maintenance riding.  I’ve also been in for a bike fit for possibly a  sweet new ride (more on this to come).  I haven’t totally ruled out a century or metric century at the end of September, it will depend on my weekend long rides and how far I feel like I want to go.  I'm planning to push the distance less and focus on riding to ride.  I'll get back into intense riding soon enough so I want to take time to enjoy myself.

5. Weight training.  I’m not placing a huge emphasis on getting back to weight training but it is something I would like to incorporate throughout the “off-season.”  My problem with weight training is motivation to actually do it.  CorePower has a yoga weights class that I plan to go to and the gym weights classes are always good.  I wish I could be one of those people that likes to go into the gym to just lift but I’m not and there is no reason to force it.