Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three things Thursday: The Sweet New Ride Edition

1.  That’s right, I got a SWEET new ride, thanks to Quintana Roo.  Here he is…

He’s a 2012 QR Lucero! Pretty badass if you ask me.  More on how I went about buying him is forthcoming.  Turns out buying a tri bike is different than buying a road bike.

He need a name!  I want something that fully conveys his badassery…What do we think of these?
Lucifer Lucero (too scary?)
Lance Lucero
Levi Lucero
Luis Lucero

2.  Hood to Coast is THIS weekend, as in, it starts tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited about running another relay though, I don’t see anything comparing to the Rev3 RAA experience but HTC should be a fun adventure.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take lots of photos and have people take lots of photos of me.  Someone on the team compared my second leg to the Blair Witch project while running up the side of a mountain…should be fun!

3.  And finally, a shout out to summer.  I know it’s not everyone’s favorite season but I happen to LOVE summer.  It was quite steamy in Portland last week and I was probably one of the only people happy about it.  Since we spend 9 months of the year here drowning or at least covered in gray, it’s nice to have a couple of weeks where you sweat in the sunshine at 9 am.  I already feel like the mornings are changing from summer to fall so I will be soaking up any days left where the sun shines and rain doesn’t fall.  Summer flowers from my yard...ahhhhhh SUMMER!