Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation/Train-cation Recap

Last week, I spent the week in Lake Tahoe with Mr. Pi and his family beginning the trip celebrating Mr. Pi and I’s 5th anniversary as we drove the 13+ hours to Tahoe.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Every year the Pi family goes on a family vacation, this year it was Lake Tahoe.  Growing up in Sacramento I’d been to Tahoe quite a few times but the last time I was there was 5 years ago for my step sisters bachelorette party.  Clearly, this would be a different kind of Tahoe trip!

My goals for the week were to spend time with family, get in good training and try to relax and not think about the responsibilities of the real world.  I think I succeeded on all accounts!  The only thing I wish I had done is take more photos!  I don’t run with my phone much anymore so there aren’t any photos of the amazing views I had during my runs…this is especially a bummer since I ran over a state border and saw lots of people coming in and out of the casinos on the NV side at 9am.  

View from our rental house, what's not to like about that?!?!

Training Recap:
Monday: 29 mile Ride-in Tahoe with Mr. Pi. + 2 mi Brick Run with Sister in Law. (let's just say this first run was really really really hard.  6200 feet makes for tough running when you live at sea level!)

Near Squaw Valley

Tuesday: 5 mile Run-with my sister in law. ½ mile swim in FREEZING cold water. 1 hour of “bootcamp” with my sister in laws, mother in law and nieces. We were close to Sunnyside!

Wednesday: 52 mile Ride- in Sacramento with my Dad.  This is the best I’ve ever felt on a long ride.  We ended up averaging 14.5 MPH, which isn’t fast for some people, but for me on this distance, it was speedy.  The best part is, I felt better and better as the day went on. We started conservatively at about 13.5-8ish and then picked up the pace after about 30 miles.  The last three miles I was cruising well over 17 MPH and feeling great.  Of course I took 0 pictures...oh well.  I'm going to cataloge my nutrition here so I remember what and how much I ate/drank: 1 bag of Powerbar Chews (raspberry); 2 Powerbar gels (kona punch); 1 bottle of gatorade; almost 50 oz of water from my hydration pack.

Thursday: 5 mile run-with my sister in law.  Getting faster and getting more used to the elevation.  Later a short hike with mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and Mr. Pi.  Amazing views at 7000 feet.

Friday: 9.5 mile run-solo, ran over the Cal/NV border! Felt great until about mile 8, then it was a slow slog home.

Saturday: 3 mile run-with my sister in law. Some faster bursts to end the week with our fastest run.

Sunday: Travel day

All in all, a great vacation, with great people and perfect time to get away.

This week is a double race week for me! 

Yesterday I ran a 5k with JEN to culminate our time as running buddies since after her baby is born I’m sure she’ll go back to being the speedy speedster we all know her to be.  

Sunday is the Rev3 Portland Race!  I’m super excited to have Rev3 in town and to meet more of my teammates.  I’m doing the Olympic distance race which will be an automatic PR since I’ve never done that distance before…it’ll be the only 10k I’ve ever run too. 

More on these races to come.