Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday (and still a chance to vote)

1.  I have narrowed down my birthday workouts based on feedback from all of you to the following:
                a) Go for the simulated 70.3 (minus the swim since I’ll be swimming 4 miles the day before at the Portland Bridge Swim).

                b) Ride 70.3 miles (or possible 75 just b/c I like the sound of that number)

                c) Do a workout I’ve never done before, double brick: 3 mi run/30 mi ride/3 mi run/30 mi ride

Last chance to vote on how I should ring in my 30’s!

2.  I’m really really nervous about the relay swim this Sunday.  4 miles of swimming, what was I thinking?  Holy cow!  Good news, assuming I finish, I can cross something off my life list (swim a 5k).  Boo-yah I’ll be swimming MORE than a 5k.

3.  I’ve been looking at a lot of different options for this fall (and who am I kidding, next year!).  While I’m disappointed the 70.3 won’t happen this year, I’m excited about having a less rigid schedule.  Though, I definitely need/want some future goals (even if they aren’t races per se) to help me stay motivated to be on some sort of schedule, even if it’s not a rigid 70.3 training schedule.  What do you do in your non-rigid training cycle of the year?  I'd love to try some new workouts so send them my way!