Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rev3 Portland 2013

Spoiler: It was an amazing weekend!  

On Thursday evening Heidi arrived from New Orleans, she was the first of my teammates to arrive at the house aka the athletes village.  Friday, Jordan arrived from Boston.  Friday evening, Mr. Pi, Jordan, Heidi and I hit the town to take the guests out for “the Portland experience” aka how many breweries can you hit in one night?  Our answer was 4-Bushwacker Cider Bar, Burnside Brewing, Amensia and Cascade Barrel House.  I think the boys were up for more but Heidi and I were ready for bed.

Saturday we got to sleep in! Hooray.  Heidi and I went for a quick bike ride that ended with a trip to the bike shop where we both got less than stellar news about our bikes.  My bike has a broken shifter, which meant I was going to be racing without shifting.  Lucky for me, Rev3 Oly was flat so I had them put it in a hard gear and went with it.  Heidi ended up with a cracked fork which they advised her not to ride on but what’s a girl to do.  (Spoiler: Neither of these bike handicaps held us back!)

Me and Heidi before I had my KIT!

After the bike adventure it was REV3 expo time.  It was so great to see so many familiar faces at the expo.  I hadn’t seen Rev3 staff since leaving them all in Texas during the Rev3 Run Across America epic adventure.  The expo was filled with great stuff from NormaTech Boots (can’t wait to get mine), PowerBar booth, QuintanaRoo bikes, a kick a.. retail store, ART and more.  At the expo a couple of my teammates were putting together a relay and guess who got roped in…Mr. Pi!  He’s never done a tri before and spoiler alert his bike time was faster than mine---go figure.  Also, at the expo I got my RACE KIT!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Way to go Pearl Izumi, the fit is great and the design just super cool.  I won’t lie, I felt pretty bad ass wearing it on Sunday.

Enjoying the NormaTech Boots

Saturday night ended with a team dinner at my house with John and his wife, Heidi, Erin, Jordan, Alex and the Pi’s---my house truly felt like an athletes village.  Later that evening my bestie Kristen came over, as she was staying with us and racing her second Half in the morning.

Race day!
It was all a bit of a blur in the morning, I got everything set up, used the port-o’s a number of times.  I was nervous and not nervous at the same time.  While I’d never done an Olympic distance race I knew I was well trained for the distance.  I had goal times which I posted here but was also focused on having fun and enjoying being surrounded by my teammates and local friends.

Heidi's bike and mine right next to each other!

Onto the race times...

Swim:  36:21 Overall, disappointing.  My swims lately haven’t been what I know I’m capable of.  Everyone said they were a little slower than they were aiming for so I think the course may have been a little long.

T1: 4:06 Under GOAL!  I think I could still make this faster but I’m happy it was under goal.

Bike: 1:36 Under GOAL! My strategy for the bike was to keep my HR in check but push my legs.  There was a really bumpy section on the way out that I think slowed my first half time down but I managed to pull out a 14.38 avg MPH on the first half and I kicked the crap out of the last part at a 17.97 avg MPH.  Honestly, I wanted to keep riding, I felt soooooo good!  Finally in a tri the bike part clicked for me.  25 miles flew by, I could have easily done another loop of the course. This was my fastest bike split of any race…including all of my sprint tri’s!

T2: 1:44 Under GOAL! Again, I think I could have been a tad faster but I’m working on it.

Run: 1:25 Holy shit that was so slow. The run was a bit of a disaster.  When you’re used to running in 65 degrees and all of a sudden it’s 90, things fall apart.  Not that this is the excuse!  I need to work on bricks in the next 4 weeks before my HIM.  My legs just didn’t want to run and I think I failed a little on my #1 goal which was to “leave it all out there.”  I had a hard time motivating myself on the run.  One super cool thing on the run was seeing the Pro’s.  I’ve never raced a race with Pro’s before so for me to get passed by some dudes with P’s on their calves was awesome.  In fact, the race WINNER Richie Cunningham (also sponsored by Rev3) gave me cheers!  It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.  A PRO was CHEERING ME on!

I crossed the finish line in 3:44, which was faster than my prediction of 3:48 but not quite my ‘A’ pace which would have been sub 3:30.  Next time!  I think the Olympic distance suits me well actually and I’ll be looking forward to this distance again.

Several of my teammates made the podium which was awesome to see. Mr. Pi’s relay took first in the relay division, his first try and he makes the podium!   And Kristen, my best friend, kicked the CRAP out of her HIM time on a super duper hilly course (which even the pro’s said was one of the most technical courses they’ve ever ridden).  Look for her race report.

Winning Relay!

Rev3 puts on an amazing race.  Everything was well organized, well-staffed, well-stocked and friendly.  There were many people running the finisher shoot with their kids exemplifying the family-friendly atmosphere. 

Get ready for Rev3 Portland 2013, should be another great race!


For video recaps of the pro and age-group race go here.