Friday, July 6, 2012

Molalla Freedom 5k July 4 2012

This is part race report and part "ode to my running buddy!"

As many of you know, since becoming preggers Jen and I have been pretty consistent running buddies.  We’ve run in the snow, rain, clouds and sunshine!  While we had done runs together in the past, this is the first time we have done so many runs together and some longer ones too.  She has been a great running buddy and is one of the most inspiring and positive people I know!  Baby Barnes is lucky to have parents who are great role models of healthy living.  If you want to read more about running for two, read Jen’s recaps about running through pregnancy here

We have been talking about doing a race together to celebrate our time as running buddies and then we found a few on July 4th.  We talked about many different 4th races but settled on a fun, small town one—enter the Freedom 5k in Molalla.  A VERY small town race with approximately 150 participants.  Before the race started the announcer asked how many people were doing this race as their very first race, a TON of hands shot up.  I haven’t been to a race with so many first timers in quite some time, it was great.  There also may or may not (READ: MAY) have been a guy dressed in tight jeans, long sleeve wrangler shirt and running shoes.  However, I think the BEST thing about this race (besides running with Jen) was the course…it was along the Molalla 4th of July parade route which was already LINED with spectators!  And a great thing about running next to a VERY pregnant lady is all the fun comments you hear along the way.  I heard a lot of “wow, she’s really pregnant” and “I can’t even run and I’m not pregnant”…we also heard some “running for two” and some “running mama” congratulatory remarks.

Onto the race itself.  Our plan was to take it out easy and hang on.  Of course, that’s totally NOT what we ended up doing.  We ran mile 1 in 10:14, mile 2 in 11:2X and mile 3 in 12:3X but whatever it was a great time and as I always say Iron f’ing Jen did push me through this race.  She is an amazing athlete and I’m lucky to have her around to push me.  Yup, at 9 months she can still push me!  We crossed the line in 35:27 for an avg pace of 11:24--not too shabby.

Here are some fun photos from the race!  Zach was there spectating so Jen might have more when they get uploaded.
We are on the far right, i'm in a red tank, she is in blue shorts.

And, we're off.

And, the finish!  We were aiming to pass the speedwalker in the back ground, we flew by her at the end!

Running buddies! (PS Yes, those are american flags in our hair!)

And here is a fun montage of photos from the last 9 months:

I don't think Jen was actually pregnant yet but this was my first run back post-morton's neuroma issue in the fall, in late oct/early nov.

Officially our first run together with my knowing she was preggers...I think we went 2ish miles along the beach, she had JUST told us all she was preggers.  Clearly, Amy is still very preggers in this photo. (January 1 2012)

Here we are running together, look close we're in the left corner of the photo

Our first "longer run" 7 or 8 miles I think (January)

Snowy/rainy run (Feb?)

Jen went 10 miles that day!  I did only 9

Icy/Snowy/SUNNY run in Hood River 9 miles (Feb?)

Belly growing run (March?)

Stole this from Jen's blog so I know she was 27 weeks.  I remember this was a warm one.

Bigger Belly! (May?)

Same day as above

 4th of July BBQ, non running clothes

Thanks Jen (and Baby Barnes) for being such great running buddies.  I know in the coming months you'll both be speeding past me again but it'll be fun to watch you run past.