Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today, I am officially no longer in my 20s (although, according to USAT I've been "30" since January).  So, how did I celebrate?!?!

Saturday, my mother-in-law and nephew were in town.  I went for a quick run around the neighborhood with one of my birthday toys!
Yes, that is a Garmin 910XT!

We spent the day at the Farmer's market downtown and relaxing at the house.  Saturday night we had a nice dinner at one of my favorite local brew pubs.  It was a great and relaxing day.

Sunday is where the fun (aka workouts) begin! I was up and down at the Portland Bridge Swim check in bright and early.  I was swimming leg 3 which was the last leg of the relay.  I learned that there were 27 solo swimmers and 9 relay teams.  The solo swimmers would swim all 11 miles--that's nuts.  I thought my 4 mile leg was nuts.  Not too long after the safety meeting the swimmers were off!  It was weird for a "race" to have started knowing I had about 3.5 hours til I would actually start my "race."  

I went home and got breakfast, made sure my kayaker (aka Mr. Pi) was ready and briefed him on the safety protocol.  In a few hours we were at the hand off point.
Waiting for my leg to start--can you tell I'm nervous?!?

The handoff!

I got a high five from my fellow teammate and she was glowing--saying it was one of the best experiences she's ever had. That was the relief I needed.  I knew all I had to do was keep swimming and I would totally be fine.  And, Mr. Pi and I were off!

Mr. Pi was a great kayak support.  He stayed to my left so I really only had to do traditional sighting every so often.  I was breathing to either side and sighting off his kayak and the shoreline (on my right).  Only one time did I really get "off course" I kept trying to swim into a barge on the shore...oops.  While I got the "industrial" area which probably wasn't as scenic as the downtown stretch or the beginning, I found it amazing to be in the water in a river that I see almost daily but had never really swum in for any distance.  

I wasn't too worried about time, as I knew I would make the cutoff in plenty of time so I tried to take it all in.  I stopped probably twice a mile to get sips of water and I ended up taking two PowerBar Kona Punch gels.

The bridge in the distance was my finish line!

I did really start to feel really tired until I passed the 3.4ish mile mark.  Up to then, I felt fantastic!  Honestly though, the whole time I felt pretty fantastic.  I've been a little disappointed in my tri swims this season but this swim redeemed my confidence.  I hit the HIM distance of 1.2 in about 35 minutes and I hit Iron distance 2.4 in 1:19.  I finished my 3.95 mile leg of the relay in 2:04 minutes with a GIANT smile on my face.  I will definitely be doing this swim again next year.  (Maybe, I'll even go for the full 11 miles...wait, no, that's crazy!)

Sunday afternoon, I celebrated my birthday with my local friends at a casual BBQ.  It was a great way to end the day!  
Amy made this beautiful and DELICIOUS cake for me!  There were even the proper number of candles, complete with the feature of not being easy to blow out...thanks Amy, you're the best!

Amy's little Alvie Bean continues to be a HIT at social functions.  She is just such a great mom!  It's so fun to watch him grow.

Even my favorite preggers JEN, couple days past due date made it to the party!  L and I couldn't let her feel left out.  Don't worry they are birthday balloons, I don't have any news to share.

And, today, my actual birthday.  I had made BIG plans for today.  However, when I woke up I was a little stiff (and maybe a little hungover from my two glasses of champagne and half glass of wine) that I opted for a lazy morning followed by a modified birthday brick!  I ended up doing a 30 mile ride and 3 mile run.  I still want to do the workouts that I put on my birthday list but I wasn't up for them today and there was no reason to push it.
Halfway through my ride.  Yes, that is a new helmet too--happy birthday to me!

Last on my agenda for tonight is sitting in my Normatec's and relaxing while watching something silly on Netflix.  I may not be in my 20s anymore but that doesn't mean I can't watch shows targeted to teens and listen to my mainstream pop radio stations.

My 20's were amazing...everyone keeps saying that the 30s (and 40s) are even better.  I can't imagine life being any better than it is right now!  I have a great husband, wonderful family and friends (who are like my family), a good job, a beautiful house and am probably the healthiest I've ever been in my life.  30s you'll have to BRING IT to beat the 20s but I'm excited to see what you have in store for me.