Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goals: Rev3 Portland Olympic Distance

As readers of this blog know, I have been training for Rev3 Portland for some time now (like since March).   

I had originally wanted to race the half distance but after doing a bike course preview and really thinking about my training, I decided it best to drop to the Olympic and focus on the half distance for a race in August.  Training through spring in the NW is difficult as the weather is unpredictable and it’s hard to get a lot of miles of outdoor biking in.  I think dropping to the Olympic distance is going to be a good decision.

So…the Olympic distance.  No matter what happens it’ll be a race PR for me as I’ve only done sprints and one half.  I’ve also never run a 10k so that’ll be a new distance for me too.   I think this distance is going to suit me well, I’m certainly trained to cover the distance.  Since I’ve been training longer I’m hoping that will give me extra confidence.

Rev3 Portland Olympic Distance:
Total miles: 32
Swim: .9 mile (1500 meters)
Bike: 24.8 miles (40k)
Run: 6.2 (10k)
Read more in the athletes guide HERE.

Stuff I'm really looking forward to, other than the race itself:
1.  Meeting more of my Rev3 teammates!
2.  Experiencing a Rev3 race and all that it offers---the expo, seeing pro's!, family friendly experience.
3.  Wearing my race kit (which I’ll hopefully get today).  I’m not usually one to wear brand new stuff on race day but how can I NOT wear my kit.  Hoping to take it for a spin around the block on Saturday sometime just to make sure it fits okay.  I’ll slather myself with tri-slide and that should prevent unwanted chafing!
4. Watching my best friend Kristen PR the half distance!

Onto my goals for the race.  It has been awhile since I posted race goals.  Not for lack of racing but most of the races I’ve done lately have been with other people and/or they haven’t been “races” per se but training runs/races.)

Diva Half (with Kristen and RoadBunner)
Blue Lake Sprint Tri (first tri of the season and not my best performance but I’m putting that outta my mind)
Vancouver Half (with my sister in law, her first half!)
Freedom 5k (with Jen)

Rev3 Portland Oly Goals:
Since I’ve never done an Olympic distance I’m not really sure what to expect.  Here are goals that I HOPE will be achievable:

GOAL #1- Leave it all out on the race course.  I tend to have a bad habit of holding back…not this time!

GOAL #2- Continue to be a happy racer.  Give it my all but keep that smile on my face!  I’m going to have at least a couple of spectators and I want to flash them a happy Alisa face not a grumpy one.

GOAL #3- My time goals.
Swim: Under 2 minutes/100 which I’m plenty capable of! 32 minutes or under. (Pie in the sky—28 minutes or less for a 1:42/100)
Bike: Always a crap shoot, my training paces vary from in the 12’s to over 15.  I’m hoping for a solid showing of 1:48 or less…this is a 13.8 MPH avg.  (Pie in the sky is 1:39 or less-15 MPH).  Bottom line: I’ll be happy with anything under 2 hours.
Run: Again, sometimes a wildcard for me.  I think I’m capable of running under 12:40s so 1:18:30 or less.  (Pie in the sky would be under 1:14, for 11:XX avg.)
Transitions: My swim-to-bike seems to always be slow but I’d like transitions to be under 5 minutes.  There is NO reason I need to be in there longer than that!  Pie in the sky would be 3 minutes or less, especially for bike-to-run.