Friday, July 13, 2012

Game Changer (and VOTE for my birthday workout!)

As most of you know, I have been training for my second HIM since early spring.  Originally I set out to tackle Rev3 Portland but decided to drop to the oly distance there, which was awesome (read about it here), and set my sights on a local race for the first weekend in August.  Enter July 11, 2012, where I go to the website to see what the run course aid stations will have and read a statement that begins with the following sentence: “Due to low race registration, this race has been canceled for 2012!”  Of course, I do a double take and then I panic.  Holy crap, the race is canceled?  Are there other races I could do?  My dad already booked his ticket to come and spectate!  I have been training for this since March! What, what, what???????

Needless to say after several explicative filled texts and emails to close friends, I was finally calming down.  Once I got my head on straight I decided to lay out my options.   After doing a gut check, I decided I really didn’t want to travel for a different race especially because they would all require extending my training, which I already did once when I decided to go from the Rev3 half to the local half.  I worry about burn out and I promised Mr. Pi that August and September we would have weekends mostly clear for house projects, hiking, camping, etc—all things that are harder to fit in when you’re in training.

Yes, I’m disappointed that I won’t be tackling another 70.3 this year however, I have several other things already planned and one that I need your advice on!  Here is my current schedule of events in chronological order—#2 is the one I need your help with!

1) Portland Bridge Swim—July 22.  It’s an 11 mile long swim under all the bridges of Portland.  I’m signed up on a relay team and will be swimming the anchor leg of 4 miles.  Yup, 4 miles!  I’ve been consistently swimming 3000-4000 yard workouts but this will be the longest swim I’ve ever attempted.

2) A kick ass birthday workout on July 23, 2012 (yes, it’s a Monday but I already took the day off.)  This workout has yet to be determined but could be one of many workouts.  Actually, I’d love your suggestions for a 30th birthday workout.  Here are options I’m currently considering:

a) Timed 56 mile ride (since this is what I was most concerned about for the 70.3)
b) A long course solo duathlon! 56 mi ride/13.1 mile run.
c) Really long ride…like go for a new distance record.  Current distance record is 65 miles.  Go for 75? 100?
d) A duathlon but maybe not quite as long as a long course.

Sky’s the limit here peeps…Please vote on the options or leave me additional suggestions by leaving a comment or emailing me at:

3) MidSummer Olympic Triathlon—July 29th.  I’ll be aiming for a PR here.
4) Hood to Coast! --August 24-25th.
5) Aluminum Man Triathlon—Sept 9th.  This one is a maybe.  There is a sprint and an oly distance.
6) Fall Century Ride?  Again, a maybe.
7) Fall Half Marathon? Again, a maybe.
8) A simulation 70.3?  This is a maybe.  Depends on whether my friend C and I can find a date that works for both of us, she has offered to do it with me.  I’ve considered variations of this as well…maybe just a LONG brick, etc.  Probably depends on what my birthday workout is!
9) Go back to YOGA!—YES, a must.
10) Go back to Weight training!—YES, a must.
11) Plan for 2013!

While this plan doesn’t include an official 70.3, I feel pretty confident that I could do one and PR.  I have trained hard this year.  I think I tested some of my limits and I have a pretty good sense of my capabilities and where I want to go in seasons to come.

Don’t forget to VOTE (or leave a suggestion) for a Birthday Workout…I'm counting on YOU guys to help me ring in my 30's with a challenge.