Monday, July 30, 2012

Amica MidSummer Olympic Triathlon Race Report

My first official race as a 30 year old!  Let's just say, if this is what racing in my 30's is like then I'll happily stay 30 for a long long time.

Race morning I woke up and I was really tired and didn't really feel like any of the race "spark" I usually feel on race morning.  I also wasn't hungry or thirsty--I am normally both.  After getting all my stuff in the car, Mr. Pi and I headed to the race site.  I thought as we drove the excitement would kick in, it really didn't.  Normally, I'm excited and nervous and have massive adrenaline--I didn't have any of that this time.  As I was putting on my wetsuit and heading down toward the water, I got a little flutter but mostly b/c I was thinking "oh man, if I feel like this now how am I going to feel racing?"  Once I hit the water I think I said something like "it's on" to myself! Regardless of why my race morning was a bit lackluster I think it helped keep my nerves at bay and I wouldn't change anything!

Swim: 30:17 (1:50/100yd)
I went out hard the first 200 yards and I think this is a strategy I'm going to use in the future.  It allowed me to get ahead of some of the pack and get a decent position.  I always find no matter what the start of the tri is like it's usually a cluster until the first buoy--this race was no exception, though it really wasn't too bad.  This was the first race where my wave had dudes in it though, I was actually worried about that but it didn't seem to be an issue for me.  I know I have a faster swim in me.  Last weekend, I avg 1:47/100yd for 4 miles...I can definitely work on this but a solid swim for me to start the day.  Also, a 6 minute PR over my Rev3 swim.  My fancy new Garmin910xt (which is awesome and within 10 seconds of my official race time) also registered this course slightly long at 1.06 miles.

Off to a great start!

T1: 5:17
Okay, so this is slow but it also included a .4 run total from swim to transition and transition to bike mount.  Definitely room for improvement.  I did ditch my bike gloves and I tried resting my helmet on my handle bars, both of which I think I'll do again.

Bike: 1:31:06 (16.4 avg MPH!)
Honestly, after my great bike time at Rev3 I didn't think I could be faster but even with a headwind for part of the course, I managed a 5 minute bike PR and the fastest bike race split I've ever had!  Now this is still not fast compared to the race field on Sunday but whatever I am SUPER DUPER proud of this split.  This gives me so much confidence.  My training on the bike has really paid off and I'm improving my bike times each race.  I could not have been happier with this bike split!

T2: 3:16
Also, not super fast but this too included .3 in mileage from bike dismount to run start.  Definitely room to improve but it's not terrible.

Run: 1:17:29 (12:28 avg pace)
Still slow but FASTER by 8 minutes from Rev3.  Part of this speed came from cooler weather.  As much as I LOVE the sunshine and HEAT I've become a wuss when I have to run in it.  Sunday was overcast and not too warm, maybe in the 70s, versus sunny and 90 for Rev.  I also only allowed myself short breaks once a mile to grab a drink.  When I started the run I basically told myself, you PR'd the other two legs you have to PR this one too.  At some when I realized I would definitely PR the whole race, I thought back to my goals for Rev.  If I could keep a decent running pace I could break the A goal I set for Rev which was sub-3:30. So I just kept saying, "let's PR today."  I know I have a faster run split in me but I am truly happy with this run.  Also, can I just say that my Rev3 race kit is awesome. It makes me feel like a badass and I got 4 people commenting on how awesome it is!  Way to go Pearl Izumi for making us amazing kits.

Total Time: 3:27:25
A total PR from Rev of 17 minutes!!

Not only was this a PR but it was another race where I had FUN!  Part of my goals for this season were to have fun and not take everything so seriously.  The old me might have been discouraged that despite the PR I was still at the back of the pack but not the new me.  I don't think on that day I could have gone any faster--which means I also hit my other goal of the season--to leave it all out there.  All in all, a great race as a 30 year old and a new PR to beat in the next one.

My awesome support crew--Mr. Pi! Thanks honey, I know my hobbies take up a lot of our time and I truly appreciate all of your support and love.