Monday, June 11, 2012

We're Off and Racing (2012 Blue Lake Race Report)

This weekend marked my second weekend of racing for June and my first Tri of the season-Blue Lake Sprint.  I had very high expectations for myself as I’ve been training really hard and my body has been responding well however, my goal for my entire season is to be a happy racer.  I’m tired of taking myself so seriously, who am I kidding, I’m not ever going to win anything so I might as well enjoy myself and realize how lucky I am to be out there racing and appreciate the amazing support I have in my husband, friends and family.
Since I know most people just want to read results and see photos, I’ll get straight to it and then put the wordy stuff at the end.

Blue Lake Sprint Tri results: 1:55 (my PR is a 1:49 and I was gunning for a 1:40 or below)

What I am really disappointed in here is my bike spilt.  I have been working so hard on the bike and to see a 49 minute bike spilt was disappointing.  It was VERY windy and COLD but I know I can kick the crap out of this time!  My Transition times were pretty bad too if I'm being honest, T1 was 6 minutes---that's slower than my Barb's Race Half Iron Transition.  T2 was better 3:30 but room for improvement.  

What I'm really proud of is my ability to put the disappointment past me and continued with a smile!

I had amazing race support from both Mr. Pi and Zody (a Rev3Teammate from San Diego who kicked butt at the Olympic race on Sunday).  Thanks guys you’re the best!

On Sunday, I got to race sherpa for Zody (and hang out with Erin, another Rev3 teammate) during the Olympic distance race.  Zody rocked it and was treated to MUCH better weather!
Pictures from the race weekend!  (Also, during the weekend, we did a course preview of the hilly sections of the Rev3 Half bike course.  This ride deserves its own post, look for it this week.)


me exiting the swim course (I had caught a few red caps, the wave in front of me)

my FAVORITE picture of the day, finishing the race with a smile--I think this is the point in the race when I could actually FEEL my FEET!

Mr. Pi great supporter

Teammate Zody (notice her 5+ layers of clothing including a fleece and my swim parka!)


The teammates, me, Zody and Erin---Team Rev3 represent

Zody doing a warm up swim in her blueseventy

Zody finishing her bike

Zody finishing her race...she had a SMOKIN' run, HUGE run PR for her!

Best picture of the day...Zody kinda chugging beer =)

Teammates!  Representing our awesome sponsors...Rev3, Powerbar and Pearl Izumi