Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bike Course Preview: Portland Rev3 Half 2012

In other highlights from last weekend, Zody, my Rev3Teammate, flew in Thursday evening and on Friday we met up with a few members of the Portland Triathlon Club to ride part of the 2012 Rev3 Half course.  The weather was ATROCIOUS!  It was COLD, extremely rainy (like flashflood, extreme downpours), hail and even thunder!  UGH!  Don’t believe me here is the weather warning statement:

The group took off for 35 miles and the hilliest section of the Rev course, through Bull Run and the Old Columbia Gorge hwy.  I knew the full 35 miles would probably be too much for my legs since I was racing the next day.  I ended up riding about 15 miles of it. 

Here are a couple of thoughts (from both Zody, who did the technical sections and myself, who did a fair amount of climbing for sure!):

-It is an absolutely breathtaking course.  The views and scenery really show off the beauty of the Northwest.  Good job Rev3 for really giving racers a taste of what makes this part of the country special.

Entering the Gorge Scenic Area:

-It is HILLY.  Get ready for some booty on fire climbing.  It is up, up and some more up.  We rode starting about mile 4 to about mile 36 or so.

-The descents are TECHNICAL.  We rode the course in probably the worst of conditions but even with dry roads the descents are technical.  Be prepared to use caution and be aware of other riders around you.  Inexperienced riders could easily take some of these turns too fast.

Sadly, since the weather was sooooo horrid, I only snapped a couple of pictures.  I had intended to take a ton of pictures of the course to showcase just how pretty it is but when it’s pouring and you can’t feel your fingers taking pictures (and using your brakes) is difficult.  Here is a photo of the parking lot, you can't even see the white parking spot lines!

For me personally, I’m not strong enough on hills and technical descents for this course to be a good race course for me.  However, strong cyclists will really like this course---as I said, it is beautiful, you will NOT be disappointed.  And the great news is, the run course is flat and will give racers a chance to stride out their legs.

All in all, this is a ride I would do again as a training ride but on July 8th race day I’ll be on the Olympic Distance course.  

There is still time to register:  Online registration closes June 22nd.

For more information on the course, including video, google maps and turn-by-turn directions, please go here: