Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Building, building, building

You know you’re in build phase of training when…

You have to wash workout clothes more than twice a week to have something clean to wear.
Workouts are getting long enough to need fueling.
You obsessively check the weather hoping it’s good enough to ride outside b/c 3+ hours on the trainer makes you want to barf (come on Saturday! Sunshine!)
You bring snacks to work on Monday thinking they will be enough for the week and they are gone by Wednesday.
You meal plan and several meals include things you can make ahead of time or cook in the crock pot for fear you might fall asleep trying to cook after your workout and burn the house down.
You shower more than once a day (or use an obscene amount of baby wipes to avoid showering multiple times a day).
Everything is sore.
You get up on a Saturday at the same time or earlier than you do during the week.

You don’t have energy to post on your blog anymore! I have so much to say and every time I have a chance to sit down and write I don’t have the energy to compose a thoughtful post.  I want to recap some of my training highlights.  I want to post about our basement in all its glory.  I want to show you a cute picture of me and Baby Liander, aka The Gazelle’s baby…actually wait, I can just post that here:

I am going to try not to be so absent from blogland, I miss reading about everyone’s adventures!