Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I am having a great week of workouts so far! Week 1 of training I got sick, Week 2 I was still recovering from being sick, traveling to California and planning an EPIC baby shower and now in Week 3, I think I’ve hit my stride. My body is feeling strong! Yesterday I did 3 workouts, yup three! I did yoga, I did a short “recovery” run over lunch and I swam 2600 yds in the evening. I thought I’d be slightly wiped this morning however, I feel great. My arms are a little sore and my abs feel like they got a good beating from yoga but overall I feel I still have energy to spare. Here’s to a great rest of the week of workouts.

2. The weather has been wacky lately. Last week we had snow on the ground on Wednesday morning by Sunday afternoon it was nearly 60 and sunny. Then it rained again (surprise, surprise) but Tuesday, yesterday and today…SUNSHINE! Yesterday my car temperature read 29 in the morning on the way to work but over lunch I ran in short sleeves! Today, is supposed to hit 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tomorrow and the weekend…well, let’s not talk about that and let’s just enjoy today!)

View from my Tuesday evening run!  The sky was amazing!

3. Birds. I’m never been a huge fan of large birds BUT there are hawk nests on the top of my office building and the hawks have been really active lately, maybe having to feed their little baby hawklings, not sure?! I’m in a high rise tower and work on the top floor. When I first got this job people mentioned the hawks, I never really noticed them until this week. They are HUGE! I’ll see them fly by and from a conference room the other day watched one land on the roof—it’s talons were super scary looking. Also, on the topic of birds, I’ve been noticing a lot more chirping going on. Ahhhhh, signs of SPRING!