Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm so excited to share news about my one of my newest announced sponsors for the Rev3 Team---

My all time favorite gel, which has been since I did my first marathon in 2008 is the Double Latte PowerGel... sooo good!  When I found out Powerbar was going to be a sponsor I was super excited.  
If I could have done two thumbs up and taken this photo I would have!

Here are all the other products I've been trying out.

One of my new favorites is the Energy Blasts!  The raspberry actually tastes like raspberry.  For me, many of the berry or fruit flavored products taste too fake so I end up sticking with coffee or vanilla flavored so far, not powerbar.  

Another new favorite is the Kona Punch powergel, it tastes like Hawaii.  A little pineapple, a little coconut...tasty! It reminds me of my last trip there and running along the beach in Maui...le sigh!
This is what I think of whenever I eat a Kona Punch.

There will be more posts on Powerbar products I'm sure...maybe even a GIVEAWAY!