Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap and What's Ahead!

February 2012 goals:

1. Finish one trainer/spin ride of 2.5 hours and one of 3 hours. Fail. I didn't quite hit this number.  I did do a couple of 2 hour rides before I started working out with a someone from my team.

2. Continue to lose weight. (I'd like to be down a couple more lbs before heavy training kicks in, in March.) SUCCESS.  I am still slowly losing weight, which is the way it should be.  I am very close to my "goal" weight.

3. Finish final preparations for Amy's EPIC shower. SUCCESS!  The shower is THIS sunday, I can't wait.

4.  Start gathering ideas and supplies for Jen's equally EPIC shower (scheduled for JUNE).SUCCESS!  I have a theme and have started to think through ideas.

5. Yoga once a week. FAIL.  Oh man, I miss yoga a LOT.  I haven't been able to find time for it lately between out of town trips and guests.  I will get back there though.  I love the way it makes me feel so I need to make an effort to get there even as training ramps up.

6. Do a few SHORT double runs to prepare for my Run Across America!  There is a virtual run option with great prizes for the winning team, I'd love for TEAM ALISA to win, leave a comment if you're interested in joining my virtual team. FAIL.  I haven't done any double runs but I've been ramping up the running a bit and have been doing 5 runs a week, not always "long" ones but it's time on my feet.

7. Blog more! EH?!  I am doing what I can!

8.  Continue to work on leaving work stress at work! SUCCESS, mostly.  

9. Continue following the push up challenge. FAIL.  I have fallen off the wagon but plan to pick it back up.  I did 15 pushups the other day before I fell off the wagon---guys, that is a RECORD.

10.  Register for some races! SUCCESS!  I am registered for TWO half marathons.  One in CA and one up here that I'll be running with my sister in law.

March! and BEYOND!

So, I have been working with someone from the team and he is helping me develop a kick ass training plan.  I've decided not to post training goals for March.  Since I am finding out my training the week before it would be hard to set a goal since I don't really know what I'll be doing.  At first, I thought not knowing my training schedule would drive me crazy but honestly, it's totally liberating and I love it and I'm so grateful for my teammate that is helping me out---THANK YOU!

Instead, I'm going to have mostly non-training goals.
1. Buy some frames and create the frame wall. (more to come)
2. Do my basement recap post!
3. Get to "goal" weight this month.  (if this doesn't happen this month, it'll be fine but I think I can get there)
4. Do an awesome baby shower recap of Amy's epic shower.
5. Have a wonderful Valentine's dinner with my amazing hubby!  (We couldn't do our traditional Valentine's dinner in Feb it was too busy so it's scheduled for March 10th!)
6. Go to yoga.  (I'm not putting an amount here but I do want to make an effort to get to yoga.)
7. Order shower invitations for Jen's shower!  (I already picked them out!)
8. Get ready for the Rev3 Run Across America!