Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amy's EPIC Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Amy's shower was a complete success, EPIC even! Everything was great.  Rather than me blather on about how great it was and how awesome my friends and husband are for helping put it all together, I'm going just post pictures!

food labels

Flowers and Dr. Seuss books as decorations

Random vase with Dr. Seuss book!

Horton stroller toy

Cat in the Hat onsie

Thing 1/Thing 2 cupcakes (Jen helped with frosting all of these cupcakes and the ones below!)

Cat in the Hat cupcakes

Amy and the food table

Crafting!  Instead of baby shower games I set up a decoration station to decorate onsies, bibs and baby shirts.  It was a total HIT everyone at the party made at least one.

Look at all these creative looking onsies and bibs

Of course there were gifts.

Little Alvie got his own bow.

The three pregger ladies at the shower showing there bellies in the sunshine

Showing Alvie some love

Happy shower Amy!