Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend, please don't go

I would say I have been loving weekends lately but honestly who doesn't love weekends?!?!  Or whatever you consider to be your "non-working" days.

This weekend was just great!  Friday night I went out with awesome people for dinner. Honestly, I relish my friday nights of pajama relaxing but I really did have a great time at dinner Friday.

Saturday, I spent some time in my new "pain cave" aka our awesomely re-finished basement, rocking a 90 minute trainer ride that left me super duper sweaty.  I made a new are some of the highlights:

Til I Collapse...Eminem (b/c who doesn't love some Eminem)
Pass at Me...Timbaland
Spybreak...Propellerheads (from the Maxtrix)
Hit the Floor...Twista and Pitbull
Gloria...Laura Branignan (bet this threw you all for a loop!)
Hungry like the Wolf...Duran Duran (again, I like to mix it up)

Trainer ride fun...

During the ride, this little one kept trying to jump up at me from the futon!

Attack of the Beagle!

The rest of Saturday was delightful, I got some relaxing in (which I feel is rare these days) and then went out to dinner with my hubby for date night.  It felt weird to go two nights in a row!

Sunday was an early morning for the Pi's to drive out to the Gorge with Jen and her husband. Zach ran a ridiculous amount of miles like 25 or something crazy that started with a giant uphill right from the trailhead.  
There he goes in Orange!

Mr. Pi, Jen and I did our runs at a really cool (but hilly) paved trail a little further east of Hood River.  We were treated to amazing views, some climbing and even snow/ice on the trail.  All in all, an amazing 9.15 mile run with 1100+ feet of climbing in 1:54 minutes (12:29 avg).

Gorgeous views!  Notice that yellow thing in the sky, yeah, the SUN!!!!!!!!!

Running buddies!

Ice and snow on the trail and yes, that is a hill!

Me and my amazing hubby!

Another great weekend in the books!  I'm ready to start a new week.


  1. Wow that does look like a lot of fun! It was way too cold here to do much of anything. I hit a 5k sunday afternoon but that was it.

  2. Did you guys do the old highway that was shut down? I love that path! I've done a couple long runs out there.

    I am going to have to ask about your basement remodel. Did you have to put in the walls and ceiling or was that already there?

  3. Beautiful view!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!! :)

  4. Thanks for joining me yet again on a long run! (and 2 other runs this week!) It was so fun to show you guys a new running route. :)

  5. Sounds like a busy but good weekend.

    I would love some crock pot recipes.

    My email is

  6. I meant to say how cute your dog was too! Since I have this new love for beagles.

  7. half iron training in full effect! Well done girl!