Monday, February 6, 2012


Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and I didn't watch one minute of the game.  I'm not a huge football person (I'm a baseball girl) and the 49'ers weren't playing so I decided to keep the TV off and not bother watching any of it...nope, not even the commercials.  Am I unamerican?  Maybe.  But I had a great Sunday afternoon despite (or in spite of) being unamerican.

Things I did this weekend:

1. Crafted for Amy's EPIC shower
2. A million loads of laundry, including all the sheet and towels
3. 2 hour trainer ride
4. Vacuumed the whole house including the stairs
5. Ran 7 miles with Jen on Sunday
6. Grocery shopped for the week
7. Did some weeding in the yard
8. Took my hubby to the airport =(
9. Spent lots of time enjoying the sunshine, including taking Zoey on several walks
10. Took the car to the carwash!

Things I didn't do this weekend:

1. Start painting the bathroom (next house project)
2. Finish hanging artwork with Mr. Pi (in the office and in the basement)
3. Find a rental house for Mr. Pi's race in May (he's doing a 100k---yes, he's nuts)
4. Sign up for my Rev3 race (I need to do this!)
5. Clean out my email's crazytown!


  1. i would have skipped it, but Husband was watching it...

  2. You certainly got more done that all of us watching the game!

  3. We only caught about half of the soup bowl. we got back in town late and I had to clean up kid puke from the car for most of the rest of the time.

  4. I only watched the commercials on YouTube. Played in middle and high school, even got to play in the GA Dome...don't really care anymore.

  5. Majorly productive this weekend!

    The commercials were meh and Madonna needs to retire. The game was ok, but it did go down to the last play including a hail mary pass that was almost a game changer.

    The end.

    You didn't miss anything.

  6. I didn't watch, either! Sounds like you had a super productive weekend - nice job!

    I am excited for the shower! YAY!

  7. Nice! Also didn't watch it but my weekend still managed to be way way unproductive compared to yours! :)

  8. i only watched the halftime show but MOST of my students watched it and were up much later than usual. THey were fine today but I may have to put up with grumpiness and the tireds tomorrow.

    You got a lot done and that must feel great!

  9. There was a Law and Order SVU marathon on - so I was sucked into that :)

  10. I don't look football no matter who is playing but I somehow ended up watching the whole thing :( Though. I was knitting much of the time so perhaps "watching" is more accurate.

  11. Hahaha... I didn't watch it either. I could honestly care less. Now if it were college football, I would have watched. Is that weird?

    Looks like you had one heck of a productive weekend though missy! :)

  12. I watched but I am a football girl. :) and I was dead sick so I couldn't do much else but hey, we also won $350 from football squares so it made us more invested.

    On the flip side it was probably better to have a productive weekend - you sure got a lot done! It always feels good to start the week off on that way.