Monday, February 6, 2012


Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and I didn't watch one minute of the game.  I'm not a huge football person (I'm a baseball girl) and the 49'ers weren't playing so I decided to keep the TV off and not bother watching any of it...nope, not even the commercials.  Am I unamerican?  Maybe.  But I had a great Sunday afternoon despite (or in spite of) being unamerican.

Things I did this weekend:

1. Crafted for Amy's EPIC shower
2. A million loads of laundry, including all the sheet and towels
3. 2 hour trainer ride
4. Vacuumed the whole house including the stairs
5. Ran 7 miles with Jen on Sunday
6. Grocery shopped for the week
7. Did some weeding in the yard
8. Took my hubby to the airport =(
9. Spent lots of time enjoying the sunshine, including taking Zoey on several walks
10. Took the car to the carwash!

Things I didn't do this weekend:

1. Start painting the bathroom (next house project)
2. Finish hanging artwork with Mr. Pi (in the office and in the basement)
3. Find a rental house for Mr. Pi's race in May (he's doing a 100k---yes, he's nuts)
4. Sign up for my Rev3 race (I need to do this!)
5. Clean out my email's crazytown!