Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Training.  Yup, it's happening.  I'm working with someone from my Rev3 Team to put together a new and improved training schedule.  I'm confident that I'm going to kick some serious butt.  I know since November when I started running again that I'm doing things the right way this time and I'm hopeful that I'll stay injury-free this year.  Speaking of training plans...Rev3 Portland Group Coaching starts very soon!  For more information don't hesitate to email me  or go straight to the amazing woman behind the scenes of the training plan Carole!  

2.  The next three weekends are going to be crazy!  This weekend we have company in town, the weekend after we will be down in California visiting family and after that...Amy's EPIC baby shower!

3.  Yesterday after my swim workout as I was driving home, I noticed it was still sorta light out! We are heading to spring and then SUMMER.  I CANNOT wait.  Despite the gray cloudy, misty crap weather going on outside right now, the days are getting longer and that in and of itself makes me a chipper chica.