Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random...Week 1 Rev3 Portland HIM...Weekend

Right after I posted my last post, my body decided not to send me love back...I got SICK!  I hate being sick, who doesn't?!?  I was lucky that I was able to come home work early to sleep and I was able to recover pretty fast.  I was lucky to have a great cuddle buddy to help me recover!

Zoey is the best!

All in all, I had a pretty good week despite being sick.  I finished my first week of Half Iron training (Rev3 PORTLAND) pretty strong and only had to skip one day of training.  I've been spending a lot of time in our new basement "pain cave."

Pain cave, trainer time.

And lots of time with these lovely creations!

While out on the roads, I've seen some signs of SPRING!  Hooray, for spring and then SUMMER!  In our backyard there are signs of spring too.

Sproutlings!!!  They have arrived!!!

I think I've mentioned that my crazy husband (and Jen's husband) are both training for ultra marathons this spring and summer.  Last weekend, Mr. Pi did a lovely almost marathon run up in Forest Park (followed by a second long run the next day!---ultra marathoners are nuts!).  I was able to work it out so he could do a point to point.  Here he is running so strong at the end of his amazingly long weekend of running.
My awesome hubby!

This weekend we were down in California visiting family and I got to sport my awesome Rev3 shimmer suit at the gym.  SHIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have any pictures from my weekend run in Bidwell Park but it was amazing.  The sun was out, I ran most of my run with my sister in law, my legs felt surprisingly good, it was just one of those great runs!  Mr. Pi, in his crazy ultra training ran nearly 40 miles in two days...NUTS!

Next weekend is Amy's EPIC baby shower.  I have been reluctant to post much about party planning because she reads this blog and I want her to be surprised!  However, I can't help but to share a picture of the cupcakes I plan on making.  They won't be exactly like these (which came from her site) but similar idea.  I can't wait to throw this shower for Amy!  I love parties and all the planning has been so fun.  Can't wait to put all the planning into action.  I'm lucky I've had helpers with crafts, thanks ladies, you know who you are!  Here's a sneak peak at what is going to be an amazing Dr. Seuss baby shower.