Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals + January Recap

Guys, I haven't blogged much this month and it's not for lack of awesome things to share.  I just haven't had much time.  I'm in my busy season at work and my personal life seems to have been go-go-go since the holidays.  Anyway, here is a recap of January goals and what I have on tap for February.  At some point, I'll get to specific posts about all the things I want to share.

1. Racing Weight here I come…partial SUCCESS!  I have lost about 1-ish lbs per week but b/c of my love for cookies I haven’t lost as much as I’d like.  I feel fitter and leaner and have gotten some compliments so I think all is heading in the right direction.

2. Have a relaxing MLK Day Weekend.  FAIL/SUCCESS.  It wasn’t really all that relaxing but it was VERY productive!

3.  Finish the basement floor.  MAJOR MAJOR SUCCESS!  We actually did more than finish the floor.  We painted, we put in molding, we bought some furniture and some artwork!  FULL post to come.

4. Finish one spin/trainer ride of 2 hours (or more).  SUCCESS!  I did a few rides at 1.5 hours and one at 2 hours.

5. By the end of the month run 7 miles.  SUCCESS!  I ran 2 runs OVER 7 miles.  My longest run of the month was 8 glorious miles with JEN.  Now that she’s out’ed her big news, it’s been awesome to have her as a “long” run buddy.  She’s a great motivator and even in her second trimester can kick my butt (in a loving way).

6.  Follow my build plan. Mostly SUCCESS!  I am still having a hard time fitting EVERYTHING in but I think I’m doing a good job of focusing on cycle and run strength.  I should be bumping up my swimming but as I’ve said before, I’m comfortable in the water and know that my time is best spent on my cycling and running.

January was a great month!  I finished with the following stats:
Running--51.46 miles (While this is a far cry from the 100+ mile months I used to run it's a HUGE accomplishment that I'm back to running 3-4 days per week and my injury hasn't cropped back up.)
Biking--11.5 hours (All of these hours were on the spin bike or on my trainer.)
Swimming--5600 yds (pretty pathetic but it'll get back up there)
Yoga--4 hours

I also started the push up challenge doing REAL pushups!  Yeah!

February 2012 goals:

1. Finish one trainer/spin ride of 2.5 hours and one of 3 hours.
2. Continue to lose weight. (I'd like to be down a couple more lbs before heavy training kicks in, in March.)
3. Finish final preparations for Amy's EPIC shower.
4.  Start gathering ideas and supplies for Jen's equally EPIC shower (scheduled for JUNE).
5. Yoga once a week.
6. Do a few SHORT double runs to prepare for my Run Across America!  There is a virtual run option with great prizes for the winning team, I'd love for TEAM ALISA to win, leave a comment if you're interested in joining my virtual team.
7. Blog more!
8.  Continue to work on leaving work stress at work!
9. Continue following the push up challenge.
10.  Register for some races!