Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Body

Dear Body, it’s me Alisa.

I wanted to tell you that you are strong!  

Over the next 20 weeks you’re going to be pushed and challenged, I know you are ready.  I am ready to let you take over and silence my negative thoughts.  I’m ready to let you reach your full potential and not hold you back because I think you’re not capable enough.  Together we are going to go new places, feel new pain and strut our stuff on the roads, in the pain cave, at the gym and in the pool.

I promise to do the following:
1) Get lots of sleep.

2) Fuel you with healthy foods (and reward you with treats every now and again).

3) Stretch, roll, ice and heat.

4) Listen to you and respect that you may need an unscheduled rest day between now and July 8th.

5) Tell you how strong and awesome you are.

Alright Body, are you ready to rock?  I know you are and I am too.