Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being Tagged

I was tagged for the "11 things" post by a couple of people BUT Kristen tagged me first so I'm going with her rules for this one.  I know I'm supposed to tag people back however, I think everyone I know in blogland has already been tagged.

11 Random Things about Me
1. I'm a morning person!  I am NOT a night person, most nights I'm in bed by 9:00, lights off at 9:30pm.  Lately, I feel like I can't get enough sleep, I think it's the time of year.  It's cold and dark outside and the bed is warm and cozy.
2. I get anxious about being late, anxious and annoyed.
3. I don't really like to read.  I used to but I think grad school killed my love for reading.  Now, a book has to be incredibly entertaining and grabbing from page 1 to hold my interest.
4. I am slightly obsessed with the Biggest Loser.  Now that I discovered it's on Netflix instant, I think I've watched 3 seasons maybe.
5. I sometimes get in over my head.
6. If I could I would be a professional party planner.
7. I don't love running.  Sometimes this surprises people.  I like to run but I don't LOVE it.  My exercise love is the pool.
8. This is the first time in my life I have EVER been able to do REAL pushups!
9. While I love to cook and love to try new and exciting cuisines, I eat pretty much the same thing every day for lunch during the work week.
10. I love to clean.
11. I used to hate grocery shopping until I started shopping at Trader Joe' much more of a pleasant shopping experience.

Kristen's questions for me:
1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
--Toss up between BAD drivers and people that are consistently late.
2. If stranded on a desert island what 3 personal items (not including survival tools) would you want?
--Oh man, tough one.  Good shoes (running or hiking), Mr. Pi (does he count) and my iPhone (to call for rescue when I feel like I've enough of the desert island).
3. What’s the one food you could never give up?
--Dairy products (yup, all of them...except maybe plain milk, not a huge fan of that but CHEESE, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc)
4. What’s your best quality?
--Listening...and I give pretty great hugs.
5. What was the last thing you really laughed over?
--Hmmm, don't laugh!  Photos my hubby took while I was lip-syncing. HAHA!
6. What is your go-to book recommendation?
--Ugh, reading really isn't my thing but I did love both The Hunger Games and Twilight series =).  Also, if you haven't read Harry Potter, read it.
7. What’s your ideal time of day to workout?
--Morning...specifically 7:00 am...too bad that's about when I have to be at work.
8. What’s the last food you ate?
--Spaghetti squash with red sauce and cheese!
9. Who is your favorite athlete (dead or alive)?
--So many good ones but the first one that came to my mind and one that I have memories watching as a kid was Summer Sanders (she's a swimmer).
10. What’s the last movie you watched and would you recommend it?
--Midnight in Paris (I think) and yes, I liked it!  I'm not usually a fan of Woody Allen but I did like it.  Actually, the last movie we watched may have been Thor and that one sucked.
11. Toilet paper over or under?
--Um, whatever way I put it on the holder.

If you haven't been tagged and need something to blog about, consider yourself tagged...just use Kristen questions, they were good ones.


  1. i'm in bed by 9,lights out at 930 also.

  2. I do eat the same thing every day during the work week. I think it helps me eat better as it is a very healthy lunch. I NEVER take hot lunch at my school.

    I cannot imagine not liking reading.

    I also like but don't love to run. I love how it makes me feel but in the moment I like biking and swimming much better -esp. biking.

    i would also love to be working out when I am arriving at work!

  3. Yes to number 6 - seriously considered dropping law school for it - "A&K Party Extraordinaires."

    I would love to work out at 7:00 am too - boo work!

  4. oh, I didn't know biggest loser was in netflix instant. must add now.

    and for the record, I hope Condra gets kicked off soon. I can't stand her or people like her that try to blame everyone else for everything else and do nothing but complain about other people or situations. Try being something positive for a change and she'll make a change in herself. But I bet she'll get kicked off before she realizes that. We all have dreams after all.

  5. I'm with you on the being late thing. Since being married, we run on "Kingery time" which is always 5 minutes late. I've learned that I just need to tell Tom that we need to be there 5 minutes earlier than we actually need to be so that we are on time. Drives me batty too, especially since it's not the way I usually function!

  6. I could literally comment on every single one of these. We are so much alike! Except for trader jo's - the store is cool, but i HATE the clientelle. Such annoying and oblivious customers that talk on the phone and take up the whole aisle slowly cruising through. Ugh. Annoying. Not even the cheap wine is worth that headache.

    I'm am totally with you on the tardiness. If I'm 5 mintues early, I'm still a little late. And most of my freinds are only late meeting me once :)

    I went to a movie the other night and saw the preview for HG. I knew what it was two seconds in. My freind had never read the book and was probably wondering what I was getting so worked up about. Cannot.wait.

    I still have never read any HP books despite the fact that every body and thier mother has highly recommended them. I totally understnad about being ruined for reading from school. Maybe if I'd gotten some lame degree like English, Lit, Sociology or some other stupid liberal art subject, but I majored in finance and accounting. Try reading three accounting textbooks simultaneiously in a semester and tell me you want to relax by picking up another book. Hell no. I think that's when I fell in love with mindles trash tv!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post! I'm also a morning person and as soon as the sun is down, I'm asleep. My boyfriend is the opposite, good thing I'm going running in the morning so he can sleep in :)