Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I have worked late every night this week and am feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  While I like my job I don’t like 10+ hour days every day.  I also think working long days would be more bearable if I could access my gmail account from work and not just on my phone.  I feel like all my personal emails are backing up and I can’t keep up.

2.  Our furnace officially broke last weekend and we still don’t have heat in our house.  I called 2 different companies and neither returned my calls so I called another 3 places and finally yesterday I started getting phone calls back.  So far, the cold isn’t too horrific, I come home and take a hot shower, put on my layers and bundle up in a blanket.  Sleeping is super comfortable as we have electric wall heaters upstairs.  Technically we could spend all our time upstairs and be totally fine, downstairs has been a bit nippy.

3.  I need to start consistent morning workouts.  I have been doing well with consistency for all my workouts and mostly following my build plan but I need to work on getting up and out of bed.  Any thoughts on how best to do this?  I wish my local friends belonged to my gym, it’s easier to meet someone for sure!

I have so many exciting posts to share but b/c of #1 (above) they are going to have to wait...but expect:

a basement update!
a post on my running (partway) across america and what you can do to help!
my return from injury!
my upcoming race plans!