Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Running Across America!

Well, actually I'm only running across 4 states but STILL that's FOUR states, approx 600 miles and mucho elevation gain.  I kinda gleaned over this goal when I did my post about goals for the year.  Guys, this is HUGE! 

Why am I doing such a crazy thing?  Rev3's  charity organization is the Ulman Cancer Fund and our run across america is to raise money for Ulman.  Unfortunately, almost everyone I know has had cancer impact their lives.  

Too many of those we love have battled cancer.  I've never run for a charity before and I'm not usually big on fundraising but for this cause at this particular time in my life---I'll be out there running my heart out and raising all the funds I can for this cause.  I'm respecting the wishes for privacy but know that someone dear to me is in a battle with this disease right now.  This is something I can do to show support and my own way to cope.

If you're in a place where you can donate, please click on the link on my sidebar or go HERE.  Every little bit helps and I thank you for your contribution.  For those that aren't in a position to make a donation I hope that you'll follow my journey and keep those battling this disease in your thoughts.

I leave Portland bound for Phoenix, AZ on March 29th and will be running from Arizona to Texas, returning to Portland on April 2nd!  I know it will be an amazing experience. Never having done a relay before I kinda jumped into the ultimate of all relays.  As the run gets closer I'll post more about the logistics etc...if you're interested in virtually running with us or meeting us along the course definitely drop me a note in the comments or email me: 

For more information on Ulman, please check out their website: