Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Basement Progression

As you know Mr. Pi and I have been hard at work finishing our basement.  Here are some photos to show the progression.  I'm planning to do more of an in depth post with approx cost calculations (ala Young House Love-style) but I'm still pretty buried and don't have time for anything more in depth than photos right now.

Before Looking North

Before Looking West/South

STEP 1: Conrete
Pouring concrete

Finished concrete

STEP 2: Sealing the concrete

Sealing the concrete
STEP 3: Starting tilework

Starting the tiling

Cutting tiles

Finished Tile! (why don't I have a picture of just the'll be able to see it in the next few photos)

STEP 4: Buy stuff
Home depot + Ikea = Full CRV

STEP 5: Painting

North wall (finished tile)

Looking East

View from West/South (finished tile)--this is the same view as one of the "before" photos scroll up for comparison.

STEP 6: Molding

To be finished

STEP 7: Furniture and Artwork

To be finished