Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals & January 2012 Goals

Eeeek, it’s the second week of January and I don’t have goals up yet, I have no posts about New Years…guess that’s a sign 2012 has been a busy year already!

Here are some of my goals for the year…and some of my goals for January (at the bottom).
2012 Goals

1. Believe in myself. (I consider myself a decently confident person in day-to-day life but there are certain circumstances where my confidence falls apart.  Certain work situations cause me to doubt my brainpower, certain terrain on foot or via bike make me throw tantrums/get depressed.  This is going to stop!  Of course, everyone has good days and bad days BUT I’m going to work hard to believe in myself, my brains, my feet, my legs…and my heart.)

2. Finish the basement project!  (We have already begun.  A basement post is to come.)

3. Be an amazing party planner.  (You all know I’ll be throwing AMY an EPIC baby shower in March.  I love to party plan and am looking forward to other opportunities that may crop up this year.)

4. Finish my second 70.3!

5. Make one new PR this year.  (I don’t care if it’s a 5k, half marathon, marathon or a tri…one PR WILL happen this year.)

6.  Have an amazing experience being part of Team Rev3! Including RUNNING (PARTWAY) ACROSS the COUNTRY! Across 3 states to be exact (more to come later). I already feel so honored to be on the Team.  I know this will be an easy goal to accomplish!

7. Go to Europe.  (Looking like September 2012!  Likely France and Italy…maybe another country too.  Mr. Pi and my Pi mother-in-law will likely all be jetting to Europe together!)

8.  Go to a C3 class at CorePower. (I’m comfortable in C2 but sometime this year I want to bump it up to C3!)

9. Cross one thing off my life list.

10.  Swim a 5k.  (Even if it just in the pool.  I want to go the distance.)

11. Be less anxious.  (I sometimes get anxious about the silliest of things and it often manifests in being grumpy or snapping at someone close to me (mostly hubby, sorry hubby).  I want to work on thinking calm thoughts, whatever it is I’m anxious about is probably NOT a big deal.)
12.  Push myself out of my comfort zone.  (This doesn’t necessarily mean in training.  I am a person of routine and sometimes when that routine is interrupted I’m out of my comfort zone, sometimes leading to #11.  Mr. Pi the other day when asked how he has energy to do all the things he does, aka stay up late, run 20 miles followed my an entire day of home improvement project work, etc…said something like “I love life and like to fill each day as much as possible as to not miss out.”  I really liked this statement.  While I’m not sure I can be quite as life loving as him, I would inevitably crash or be cranky all the time if I didn’t get enough sleep, I do want to take his statement into consideration more often.  I feel like I love life but sometimes my routine gets in the way.  I want it all this year!  I want to keep my routine but also push myself outside the bounds once in awhile, it’ll be good for me.)

January Goals

1. Racing Weight here I come…continue to eat Paleo and be conscious of how I’m fueling my body.  I would like to lose 3-5 lbs this month—however; I care less about the actual pounds and more about losing bodyfat/getting leaner.  I’m planning to start doing measurements once a month.

2. Have a relaxing MLK Day Weekend.  With the holidays, our amazing trip to the coast for New Years and having my Dad in town…I’m ready for a weekend of catching up on house stuff and relaxing (read mopping the floors, mowing the lawn?, watching TV…).

3.  Finish the basement floor.  We are already well on the way to finishing the floor and I’m excited to move on to the painting stage.

4. Finish one spin/trainer ride of 2 hours (or more).

5. By the end of the month run 7 miles.

6.  Follow my build plan. (So far, first of January has been tough with work getting busy and company in town and a house project going on all at the same time.  Starting Jan week 2 will need to carve out more time for myself which may mean getting up earlier.)


  1. Good luck on your basement project and all your goals for that matter!

  2. good luck Alisa- it sounds like you have a great plan!! I can certainly identify with you on some of your goals... especially the anxiety one.. lol!

  3. I can totally relate to a lot of your thoughts here. I think we all struggle with believing in ourselves.

    I love your goals of going out of your comfort zone, swimming a 5k, and achieving a PR. You could roll all three of those into one and win!

  4. Going to Europe sounds so wonderful.
    I can't wait to follow you do the 70.3!

    Good luck with all of your goals.

  5. Yeah, I haven't written a post on goals for the year and I don't think I will. Things are kind of in flux right now so maybe I'll get to it in February or so!

    I am, however, right with you on 11 and 12. I need to do the same!

    Great list! Have fun checking them off!

  6. Good luck with your goals!! I like how you post monthly goals/recaps, too. Where is this life list you talk about? Is it on your blog somewhere?

  7. That looks like it'll be a pretty epic year :)

  8. GREAT goals! You should stop in Germany as well :)

  9. I think your goals are awesome! I have no doubt that you will reach them! :)

  10. Hope you are having a relaxing MLK weekend! Yay for having today off.