Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I’m leaving in a few short hours for California.  I cannot wait to see my family.  Mr. Pi and Zoey left a few days ago and I miss them dearly.  I won’t get to see them until Friday.  Vacation is going to be short as I leave today and am back at work next Wednesday but it’s going to be wonderful.  I’ll be sure to capture all the craziness and chaos of the Pi Household over Christmas and post the pics.  It is always an adventure with all 21 of us under one roof.

2. I’ve started eating Paleo.  I’m not 100% on a strict “diet” per se but I’ve been incorporating “caveman” changes into my diet.  I have pretty much ruled out eating anything that comes in a box.  I am still eating dairy, mostly b/c I love greek yogurt and cheese!  I’ve been doing this for about one week so far.  I allow myself one “cheat” day a week.  So far, so good.

3.  This is the time of year to start planning your 2012 racing schedule.  I’ll be posting about mine soon.  It’s also the time of year to start thinking about plans/coaching.  Rev3 is doing a new group coaching schedule for their races.  I’ve never had a coach however, it is something I have considered.  The Rev3 group coaching is a great way to try out a coaching program targeted to your specific Rev3 event.  I’ll be doing another post with more in-depth details but here are some of the highlights.

Rev3 Group Coaching:  At Rev3Tri, every athlete matters!  You guys know this is true b/c this organization picked me, a mid/back of the packer for their team.  They want everyone to succeed no matter if your time is 5:00 or 7+ hours.

 What each program will include:
* Monthly training program to include race specific guidance, equipment tips and nutrition suggestions.
* Password protected forum available to each athlete in the program.  Rev3Tri Team, Rev3 Race Director and Rev3 Staff will all be available on the forum for continued support.
* Advanced information given before the general public is told to include: course updates, course maps, race director tips, coach tips, race weekend schedules
* On-course training days  (If you’re local to Portland, I’ll be at the course previews and am hoping to organize some of my own rides/runs on the course.  If you’re not in Portland, you’ll be getting a first hand look at the course from my perspective as I’ll be posting course preview photos/thoughts/elevation/etc.  Course previews are a HUGE confidence boost, even if it’s a virtual “preview” through my photos/thoughts/elevation profiles.  I’ll be keeping it real peeps.  Remember there is tailored coaching for all Rev3 events, not just Portland, however, that’s the one I’ll be focusing on since I live here.)
* Race weekend meet ups, racing tips, motivation & strategy, meeting Team Rev3
* Webinars and online chats on specific training topics

Cost of program: 
Initial $200 start-up fee which includes a Rev3Tri training kit, $25 off Rev3 entry coupon, sponsor goodies, and your username & password for your schedule and forum access.  After the initial start-up fee, each additional month is $50. 

Coaching is expensive however, look at the value you’ll be getting for your money with this program.  $25 dollar off entry is HUGE, especially if you miss the early bird pricing.  Having interaction with other athletes training for the same race as you is a big PERK.  Team Rev3 will also be available for chats/emails via online forums—not all the team members are like me, we have some SUPER SPEEDY folks who have been involved in the sport for many years.  They have already passed on helpful tips and practices to me and I know they would do the same for any and all of you.

When will programs start?
Knoxville                    January 16 (16 week program for both Oly and Half)
Quassy                         January 16 (20 weeks)    February 13 (16 weeks)
Portland                      February 20 (20 weeks)   March 19 (16 weeks)
WI Dells                      March 26 (20 weeks)     April 23 (16 weeks)
Maine                          April 9  (20 weeks)         May 7 (16 weeks)
Cedar Pt                      March 26  (24 weeks)     April 23 (20 weeks)
Anderson                     May 28 (20 weeks)    June 25 (16 weeks)
Florida                         June 11 (20 weeks)   July 9 (16 weeks)

Questions?  Feel free to email me directly at

*** Don’t forget to enter my GIVEWAY, see this post.  Your chances of winning are pretty good as I don’t have that many entries yet.  Entries close on Christmas Eve!