Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday (EPIC Adventures of Past, Present and Future!)

1) PAST EPICNESS---Christmas with the Pi’s is always EPIC!  With Mr. Pi’s 4 siblings and all their little ones running around the house it’s always merriment (with some screaming children thrown in the mix).  

It’s no secret that I like to run with family and friends…this year I asked conned my sister in laws into a day after Christmas bootcamp.  We loaded up and headed to the local highschool where they proceeded to liken me to Jillian Michaels (totally a compliment) and I lead them through a booty busting workout.  We ran stadium stairs, we did push ups, we planked, we crunched, we squatted, we lunged and we ran speed intervals.  It was EPICly a good time.  My sister in laws are amazing women, each with very unique lives and all with super strength.

2) PRESENT EPICNESS---We’re gearing up to tackle the basement.  We have prepped the room and painted the floor with a special sealant.  My Dad is flying in next week to help with the project.  We have days where we think it won’t be a big deal and days where we feel we are WAY over our heads.  As soon as the action begins, I’ll be posting photos of the chaos that is soon to be had.

3)  FUTURE EPICNESS---Remember that post where I said I’m starting a base building plan, well, I better kick it up a notch because I’ll be participating in Rev3’s Run Across America!  

Unfortunately, with work obligations I can’t commit to running the whole country (but how cool would that be?!?!) BUT I will be arriving in Phoenix and running from Arizona to Texas (eeeek, did I really just say that out loud?).  The team is raising money and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund.  I’m not usually one to push fundraising, in fact, I never have on the blog but in the New Year, I will add a donation widget (our team goal is $100k)---donate if you’d like or ignore the widget and keep reading.  Cancer is a disease that has affected many and unfortunately, some that are very close in my life.  I’ll be posting more about the EPIC adventure in the months to come but at the end of March I’ll be heading south for my part of the Run Across America!  If you need to visualize what my run might look like, see below…minus the trucker hats and add full Rev3 compression gear (I’m going to need it!).