Monday, December 26, 2011

New Schedule

Like many of you, I’m putting together my schedule for 2012.  My foot rehab has (so far) been successful, I am almost ready to start committing to races.  I have already promised my sister-in-law that I’d run a half marathon with her this year so that’s in the works already and I know she is going to do great!  I also want to smash my 70.3 time this summer/early fall.  At this point, I have many races to consider.

I’m going to be starting an 8-10 week pre-build schedule in the next couple of weeks, most realistically after the new year. My fitness level right now is decent but I know I need to kick it up a notch before I start a half iron training plan.  I haven’t been on any sort of formal training plan in months, it’s been go with the flow.  Here are the facts and the future of my plan:

FACT: I’m comfortable running 3 miles at about a 10:30 pace, which isn’t fast by any means but is pretty solid for me.  
FUTURE: In the next 8-10 weeks, I’d like to build that 3 miles up to about 8ish. To do this I plan to continue lunch running during the week with my co-workers and push these runs from 3 miles to 4 miles and time permitting up to 5 if possible.

FACT: I’ve been consistently doing 2-4 spins/trainer rides per week.
FUTURE: Given that the bike is my weakest sport, I’d like to consistently average 3 spins/trainer rides per week and build my “long ride” to 3 hours.

FACT: My swimming has been very inconsistent, sometimes non-existent.  I’m comfortable with swimming and after spending so many months not being able to run or ride I’ve been more excited about those activities.
FUTURE: 2 swims per week.  Eventually I’ll need to bump this up a notch but like I said, I’m comfortable with swimming and I’d rather use this time to focus on riding and running.

FACT: I have been loving YOGA.
FUTURE: Continue attending yoga, at least once a week.

FACT: Strength training is happening but sporadically.
FUTURE: In the next 8-10 weeks, 2 strength sessions per week.  At a minimum this means 20 minutes of push-ups, abs, squats, lunges, other stuff you can do at home.

Alright, there it is!  I’m going to put this into a more serious “schedule” and post on my training & racing tab but for now these are my general principles.