Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding my Holiday Cheer

I think I mentioned in my last post that I've been having a hard time finding my holiday cheer.  This is weird.  I love the holidays.  I love the Starbucks red cups, I love Christmas lights on houses, Christmas trees, the cheesy music, all of it!  For some reason I just wasn't getting into it this year.  I don't know why really but it just wasn't cheery.  I thought maybe it was because I've been feeling so under the weather for the past few days.  

I came home from work early again on Monday and basically took off my work clothes and got straight into bed.  I proceeded to sleep the afternoon away, even though it was a gorgeous day out and all I wanted to do was be outside, I couldn't get out of bed.  About 4:00 pm Mr. Pi was getting ready to head out to a meeting and then to his dodge ball game (yup, dodge ball.  Don't laugh, it sounds super hardcore!  I was supposed to spectate Monday night but I postponed to the following week as clearly I was not in any shape to be watching a game in which spectators often get hit in the face with runaway dodge balls.)...anyway, as Mr. Pi was about to leave I came downstairs after a few hours of sleep to find that he had bought me a Christmas tree!  We said we weren't going to get one this year but I couldn't have been happier to see our little guy.  And yes, I mean little, last year we had a tree taller than us, this year we went with little and charming.  I love all 4 feet of him though.  
Our little guy

I think it was just what I needed to perk me up from my sickness and non-holiday cheer funk.  Mr. Pi knew exactly what I needed.  He's pretty great like that!  He proceeded to leave I proceeded to holiday cheer the house for about an hour and then I had to take a nap.  Ugh!  I got a second wind after my nap and finished decorating and even started present wrapping all with a background of lovely Christmas tunes, thanks Pandora for the plethora of holiday stations.
Here he is all spruced up!  All of our ornaments didn't fit but I chose my favorites.

This was one of my grandma's.  She always had a pink and white tree every year.

Mr. Pi and I got this after Goofy in January. Those running Goofy in 2012 they had good sales on ornaments last year, keep your eyes open.

An ornament to celebrate buying our house!  Can't believe it's already been a year and a half (almost, January will be a year and a half).

Almost every year we get a "Dunlap's" ornament with all of us on it, I love these.  Mr. Pi's parents wrote on the back of this one for us.  My mom has also gotten these type of ornaments in the past...like this one from when we lived in Boston, before we got Zoey, before we were married.

Our first year there we lived about mile 22 of the Boston marathon, it was awesome.  I wish I had been more of runner when I lived there!

How could a house full of runners/triathletes not have an ornament like this?!?! Thanks Kristen!

All I need is a tree skirt looks like I tossed the one I bought last year.  Oh and PRESENTS!  More pictures of tree with presents to come.

I'm now all holiday cheered and ready to get back to some workouts especially with my Christmas running playlist.  Yup, I have one, if only I could find it, iTunes seems to have hidden it from me this year!  It's full of Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys and Glee Cast holiday music.  Hooray!

Maybe I'll have to do some more holiday cheer posts!

(P.S. I was able to add photos to this post b/c I went through and deleted some old photos out of old posts.  I'm still undecided if I want to move to wordpress or stay on blogger.)