Sunday, December 4, 2011


It’s December?!?

Wow, it’s the end of 2011, crazy! The first weekend of December was not a good one for me.  I came down with the worst cold/flu that I've had in years .  I started feeling icky on Thursday afternoon and it got worse from there.  I came home from work early on Friday and Saturday I stayed in bed until 11 only to move to the couch.  I slept on and off all day.  It was awful!  Sunday was better but still no picnic.  I'm ready for this to be gone and for me to get back to sweating!!!!!!!

12 goals for 12th month!

1. Make wreaths. (Spoiler, didn’t happen in November).

2. Get in the holiday spirit.  (I love the holidays but for some reason this year I haven’t been in the spirit.  We decided not to get a tree since we weren’t home for Thanksgiving, won’t be home for Christmas or New Years—maybe the lack of tree has something to do with it, I dunno, it’s weird.)

3. Start basement project!

4. Christmas cards?  (Going along with number #2, I’m just not in the mood to do Christmas cards this year.  Though, I so love receiving them!)

5. Continue return to running plan.  (I’ve varied a little bit from the Pfitz plan but using it as inspiration.)

6. This is going to sound cliche and also super hard to do in December but start losing weight. (I am on a quest to get to racing weight.  Right now I'm not there.  I'm active and I eat mostly well but I know there are areas I can trim stuff out. Say no to holiday office goodies will be easier knowing I have a long term goal of getting to racing weight.)

7.  Keep Mr. Pi's gifts a surprise.  I am notorious for spoiling presents ahead of Christmas, this year, my lips are sealed.

8. Continue going to yoga.  I absolutely love the hot power yoga I found at Corepower.

9. Plan out my 2012 season!  Eeeee, this is exciting and scary.  I have a few races in mind!

10. Create a "build" plan in anticipation of #9. Part of my build plan is #6 but I also want to have some good base mileage and yardage before I start "real" training for my upcoming 2012 races.

11.  Stress less.  I'm trying to be less anxious in general.  I get anxious about the silliest things, I'm working on letting it go.  This is one thing I think yoga really has helped with, it does give me that relaxed yet worked feeling that not many other activities can do.

12. Limit my netflix watching.  I'd say TV watching but I don't watch that much regular TV it's almost all netflix.  I'm not quite ready to state a particular limit but less than I watch now =).

November, how’d it go?!

1. DailyPlate track for one week.--SUCCESS!  Going strong.
2. Make a wreath.--FAIL!
3. Christmas cards.--FAIL!
4. Finish Christmas shopping.--Basically SUCCESS.  I have a couple small gifts left but that's it!
5. Start gathering supplies for the EPIC baby shower I’ll be hosting for AMY!--SUCCESS! nuf said.
6. Design basement project.--Mostly SUCCESS! We mostly have a plan and we've even looked at tile.
7. Continue to attend 2 spins per week.--SUCCESS!
8. Continue Pfitz return to running plan.--SUCCESS!
9. Go to yoga.--SUCCESS!  I have found a love for COREPOWER yoga.
10. Go to a weights class.--Does scuplt class at Corepower count?  If it does, there are weights involved, then SUCCESS!
11. Consciously be thankful for one thing every day.--SUCCESS!