Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Things Friday

1.  I am FINALLY feeling normal.  I do not wish that cold/flu on anyone—it was miserable.

2.  Every day I am OVERWHELMED by the amazing, supportive, inspiring and hilarious emails and I get from my REV3 team members.   I am still in shock that I was selected from all of the capable and equally deserving  triathletes that applied.  Thank you Rev3!  (I’ll be adding tab that lists all my teammates blogs once all the announcements have been made for 2012 so you can get to know them too!)

3. 2012 is going to EPIC as not only did I get accepted to be on Team Rev3 but I was also just selected to be a FitFluentialAmbassador!  

Look for a post on beginning story and some tips on getting started/maintaining.  Check out FitFluential for yourself on their webpage and twitter feeds.

4.  The weather has been really cold here in Portland but DRY!  I’ll take cold and DRY over wet and warmer any day.  I am loving that the sun is out and that the incessant, dreary, crappy Portland weather has stayed at bay.  Can you tell I LOVE the weather here?!?  SUNSHINE makes me happy!

5.  I am incredibly grateful to have met my husband.  Sometimes I don’t think he gets enough mention on this blog.  He is truly a great man and I am so very lucky to have him in my life.  (Love you honey!)