Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week of Thankfulness

I packed a lot into the week from my Nov-enture of the week with CorePower to all my regular workouts + spending time with friends it was a busy but great week.  Here are some fun photos from the weekend adventures.

Saturday the girls did a ornament painting + dinner + movie while our hubbies played poker at Jen's house.  It was a super fun girls night!

The girls ready to hit the town

Getting our creative-side on

My finished ornament (and no I don't wear glasses I borrowed them but I secretly want just clear framed glasses to wear every once and awhile--is that weird?!)
Creative table of chaos

After ornament painting we had a lovely dinner and then came back for a movie.  We made it about 1/4 of the movie and decided to crash the guys party and call it a night.  Great night with the girls.

This morning, Mr. Pi got up bright and early and got ready for a hiking/snow shoe adventure.  We weren't sure about the weather so we each took half our closets.  We got up to the mountain and found that there was snow but not really enough for snow shoes so out for mountain snow hiking we went.
Where we stopped by a lake to wolf down our PB&J's before we got too cold and had to keep moving

Pretty snow!

About 7 miles later we finished our hike.  It was tough on tired legs but also great to get out and enjoy the outdoors, even if I was wearing half my closet.  

All in all a great weekend to finish the week!

In keeping with my thankful are my thankful posts for the week.

Nov. 7 - Today I am thankful for my job.  While Monday's can be rough I am lucky to have a good job that challenges me and allows me to work with good people.

Nov. 8- Today I am thankful for my public speaking experience. I had to give a mini presentation (unexpectedly) and I was thankful for my experience with Toastmasters to give me public speaking confidence.  (Note to self: I need to find a new Toastmasters group, it's been too long.)

Nov. 9 - Today I am thankful for workout buddies.  Amy and I have a Wednesday night tradition that combines swimming and hanging out, love it!

Nov. 10 - Today I am thankful for yoga.  I would have said "trying new things" but I already said that once.  I went to CorePower yoga and had a great workout and felt challenged and rejuvenated all day.

Nov. 11 - Today I am thankful for Friday's.  While I am thankful for job (see Nov. 7) I am also thankful for the weekend!

Nov. 12 - Today I am thankful for girlfriends.  I absolutely loved ornament painting, dinner and movie watching with my 4 close girlfriends in Portland.

Nov. 13 - Today I am thankful for nature.  It was great to get outside today, even in the cold and snow for a hike.  I'm not letting winter make me hibernate this year.

Workout recaps:
Monday: Lunch run with coworkers 3.1 miles (20 min run/2 walk/10 run/ sprints to finish 3 miles), skipped my Monday spin
Tuesday: PM spin!
Wednesday: Lunch run with coworkers same as monday/ PM Swim with Amy
Thursday: AM Yoga Sculpt at CorePower
Friday: Lunch run with the coworkers, first 20 minutes over 2 miles, total mileage 3.5!/PM CorePower 2 class
Saturday: AM 75 minute spin + 30 minute brick run (3 miles)
Sunday: 7 miles snow hiking

Did you read that?!? 4 days of running!!!!!!  My foot is feeling good and I'm ready to tackle another week of workouts.