Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I didn't miss it this week!  Hooray!

1. Rest days.  Now that I’m not injured it’s been tough for me to allow myself rest days.  With my new found love for yoga and all my other activities I haven’t wanted to waste a single second of healthy-ness.  I know that’s a recipe for putting me back in the boot so today I’m taking a rest day.  No yoga, no running, no swimming, no spinning, nothing!  Tomorrow I’ll be back at it!  Anyone else have a problem with this?  I didn't use to, I loved rest days but lately all I want to do is be sweating.  I guess I have some Emily in me!

2. Holidays.  I do love the holidays however, I heard Christmas music in a store the other day and was really disgusted.  I’m all about Christmas music, I even have a running Christmas playlist BUT not until AFTER Thanksgiving is it okay to blare the Christmas tunes. 

Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite.  It’s all about food and spending time with friends or family without the stress of gift giving and crowded shopping malls.  I can’t wait to stuff myself with some serious turkey next Thursday!

3. Running.  So it’s going really really well!  I pretty much have no foot pain and I can feel my endurance coming back.  I have great lunch time running buddies to keep me motivated (even as the weather has turned cold, gray and rainy).  Since I’m not going very far lunchtime is a great time to run.  It’s light out and it breaks up the day.  I have semi abandoned the Pfitz return from injury plan.  I’m using it like I use recipes, for inspiration, but I’m charting my own path.  After Thanksgiving the lunch crew is going to start incorporating some speedwork into our runs.  Yay!