Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sponsored By...

That’s right, I am a sponsored athlete on Team Rev3Tri 2012!  Crazy right?!?! 

If you follow Rev3 on twitter and FB (which you should here are the links: @Rev3tri and you know that they have been announcing their 2012 Rev3 Tri team one a day for the past several days---TODAY was my DAY!  HOORAY!  Go read my “press release!” EEEEEEEEE!!!!

I applied to be on the team a few months ago and never thought in a million years they’d pick me.  As readers of this blog you all know I’m not going to be winning any races (or likely even my age group) any time soon.  Team Rev3 Tri cares much more about their athlete’s personalities and willingness to be their local spokesperson than finishing times.  I am beyond excited to be teammates with so many awesome athletes and be supported by the Rev3 organization.  I won’t lie I’m also excited about the perks of being associated with a large brand that has awesome sponsors.  I foresee some product reviews, giveaways and hopefully some additional perks I can pass on to you!

Here are posts written by current Team Rev3 members on the Rev3 blog, go check out all the great things the Team said about Rev3 Portland and all their other events across the country. (including Maine, South Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, TennesseeConnecticut, Ohio AND Costa Rica!)  

Rev3 Portland 70.3 will be on July 8, 2012.  Early bird pricing is in effect.

As you all know I’ve been recovering from an injury and haven’t really posted much about future plans.  For awhile now, even before this announcement, I was thinking about another 70.3 this summer.  Now  that I’m on Team Rev3 Tri that’s pretty much a FOR SURE!  I may even do more than one.  But that’s getting ahead of myself.  Right now I’m excited to have so many other triathletes to share my trials and triumphs with as I base build and figure out what races I want to tackle in 2012.