Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Already (Goals and Recap)

Seriously, where did these last few months go?!? Alright, well, it’s the 1st of the month and I’m ready to post 11 goals for the 11th month. (I think next year I may need to re-think the number of goals per month number as I’m sure come January I’ll have more than just 1.)

1. DailyPlate track for one week. (I’m leaving this goal on here b/c I think tracking consistently for one week per month really helps me keep track of my eating. I feel like it’s a good balance between no tracking and obsessing.)

2. Make a wreath. (Last year I made a wreath out of corks, I may make another one, bigger perhaps but I’d also like to make a different one.)

3. Christmas cards. (We didn’t send them last year and I missed sending them out. I’m hoping I can convince Mr. Pi to do a simple one, like just a photo card. He likes to write messages, which I like to but it can get overwhelming. Hmmm, may we’ll do a 12 months of the Pi’s card, channeling our inner 12 days of Christmas. Honey, what do you think?)

4. Finish Christmas shopping. (Spoiler, I didn’t finish all my shopping in October but I made great strides and am ready to finish.)

5. Start gathering supplies for the EPIC baby shower I’ll be hosting for AMY! (I’ve got a theme and several ideas and I’m ready to actually get the party planning started. Yes, the shower won’t be until March-LOL.)

6. Design basement project.

7. Continue to attend 2 spins per week.

8. Continue Pfitz return to running plan.

9. Go to yoga. (I have a friend who teaches at CorePower who has asked me to go with her and I bought a Groupon for Bikram yoga so no excuses.)

10. Go to a weights class. (This is staying on here til I actually GO!)

11. Consciously be thankful for one thing every day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday but sometimes I think I forget about the thankful part and focus too much on the food (especially the turkey and pumpkin pie). This is my chance to be consciously thankful for something in my life every day this month.

How did October go?

1) Attend at least 2 spins per week. (I finally tracked down where my favorite teacher is teaching now and I’m committed to Monday spins for sure!): SUCCESS! In fact, most weeks I did 3 spins.

2) Go to weights class.: FAIL. I did do my own weights circuit but haven’t made it to a class.

3) No shopping for myself. (I just bought new boots and a sweater and a scarf. That’s enough. It’s hard to resist as I LOVE to shop and fall shopping is something I really enjoy.): SUCCESS!

3) Finish my Christmas shopping. (Yup, I’m ambitious!): HALF SUCCESS. Out of the 16 people I need to buy for I’ve crossed off 6 completely and 2 halfway.

4) NO running until my foot is 100% for at least a few days. (I need to keep putting these goals on here b/c I’m not to a point where I REALLY want to run but know that it would be better for me to just let it heal 100%. It’s been 10 weeks, what’s another 2-3. At this point I’m hoping to be running again by December.): SUCCESS. Well, I went and tested out the foot and I’m on week 3 of the Pfitz return to running plan.

5) Cook and POST a recipe of the week.: FAIL.

6) Look at artwork with Mr. Pi.: SUCCESS. We didn’t buy anything but we did look.

7) Track on DailyPlate consistently for an entire week.: SUCCESS.

8) Read three books. (It’ll probably be book club book TBD next week, Art of Racing in the Rain and The Help---since those are all next on my list. Any other suggestions that I should add to the list!?): ALMOST SUCCESS. I finished State of Wonder, read The Help and am halfway through Art of Racing in the Rain.

9) Try a kickboxing or zumba class at the gym.: FAIL.

10) Decide on our next house project.: I think SUCCESS. I believe we have decided on the basement, how we are going to finish the floor is still up in the air.