Friday, November 11, 2011


And again I missed three things Thursday.  Oh well.  I think I am declaring November my adventure month.  Some dudes are making it Movember and growing a stache, I'm making mine Noventure!  I am loving trying out new classes and workouts.  I'm really excited to have this time to keep doing the things I already know I love (swimming, biking, running) but also looking for new loves.  Last week I tried CrossFit, this week I went to CorePower Yoga

Adventure of the Week: CorePower Yoga

I go through brief flings with yoga and have always wanted to be consistent with it but since I like so many other activities it’s hard to make yourself go to something that you don’t love (and frankly, an activity that can be pretty expensive).  I’ve often felt that yoga was either dullsville and not challenging or everyone was doing crazy headstands while their legs looked like pretzels.  I’ve tried a variety of different types of yoga from basic Vinyasa, Yin, Bikram, Power Yoga and Hatha.  I like elements of each but again never really loved any of them.  Well readers of this running/triathlon blog I think I found my yoga solemate at CorePower.  They have a variety of different types of classes which I plan to check out during my free week.  Yesterday morning, bright and early, I went to CorePower SEpdx and took Yoga sculpt.

Yoga sculpt was a combination of sun salutations/flow, cardio, weights, ab work, deep stretching all at a heated temperature (not Bikram hot but warm) with awesome pop-y/hip hop music.  Dude, this is my type of yoga!  I dislike some of the pretentious enya-esque music that’s often played during yoga, I’d rather it be silent than listen to that stuff.  Anyway, it was awesome.  I was sweaty, I felt challenged, there was a good amount of stretching/flow to make it feel like a true “yoga” class but also an element of the infamous crazyweights class (aka 24 SET/BodyPump at 24 hour fitness).  YogaSculpt was great.  

I plan to try out a few other classes including just their basic CorePower series which is a more traditional yoga class with lots of flow but to (what I consider) good music and the room is also heated.  They also have a Bikram Hot Yoga class that I’m interested to try as well as a restorative (yin-style) but I’ve heard they still play pop music and the room is heated for that class too.  And finally, the last class I’m interested in trying is their Hot Fusion class, I’ve heard it’s a cross between Bikram, Yin and Power Yoga---should be interesting b/c those styles are all VERY different.  Not sure how I’ll be fitting in all these classes by next Thursday but I’m going to milk my free week for all it’s worth before making a final decision on purchasing a package.  If you live near a CorePower studio CHECK IT OUT.

What's my Noventure of the week going to be next week?!?!  Any suggestions?  Bring em!